Monday, June 15, 2009

Spanky and Our Gang get Rave Reviews!

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Jim Stafford, at Eclipse had the pleasure of recording their newest CD entitled "Back home americana Volume 1" Here is what others have to say!

Dinky Dawson says:

(Dinky worked with Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan, The Byrds, Bonnie Raitt, etc..... you can find more information on Dinky at his site--->; HERE! or his biography on MSN--->;HERE!)

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"You guys did a fantastic job of letting the music breath giving 16 bit compression to stand up and take note. This has gone beyond the molded sounds of record companies who have manipulated the engineers for years. I'm so happy you guys have the feel of the heartbeat with every note which has given this the life rather than the essence."

Dinky's old Dj partner, Arther (who still writes reviews in Melbourne, Australia) adds:

"The CD is very good with a brilliant version of the Nina Simone classic - 'Sinner Man' which in my opinion is the stand out track on the CD, as Spanky's voice is so well suited to give this classic Nina Simone track."

"the track Sinnerman', just comes out of the speakers and hits you in the face. The production that you achieved on the album - especially on that track is excellent.................the guitar and choral backing is first class."

Elaine Spanky McFarlane of Spanky and our gang, at Eclipse!Elaine "Spanky" McFarlane of Spanky and Our Gang
Records new CD at Eclipse Recording Company,

Click HERE to Preview the CD, or Buy!

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