Friday, October 28, 2011

Hoots and Howls was (dare I say) A Howling Success…

Artist Spotlight of the week!

Introducing BADMAN!


We’d like to welcome a new addition to the Eclipse family, BADMAN! Originally hailing from St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, they formed in 2008 and quickly became the island’s “Mightiest Band”. With sold out shows, and radio support they decided it was time to take it to the states. BADMAN has just recently relocated to St. Augustine, and we’re happy they did! Bringing their rock/reggae/dance originals to the mainland for a nice change of pace! They’ve had a busy summer touring the Southeast, and are now headed back to “The Rock” for four amazing shows!


BADMAN is scheduled to start production on their new album here at Eclipse Studios starting in November. They currently have an eight song self titled demo available on iTunes. Check them out on Facebook to stay tuned in for more updates, and tour info on BADMAN!



(below) Hoots and Howls.  Hundreds of people came down with their pets and many worth-while animal rights organizations benefited.  Eclipse ran the music stage and the 1st act was “Penguin Teeth” (below)

10-21-2011 001 10-21-2011 002

10-21-2011 003 

The 2nd act was “Seaweed” (below)

 10-21-2011 005 

10-21-2011 007 10-21-2011 008

 10-21-2011 009

(below) Jim with festival organizer Delilla Harts

10-21-2011 010

The 3rd act was “Capt. Hook”

 10-21-2011 011

10-21-2011 013 10-21-2011 014

 10-21-2011 015 10-21-2011 016

The closing act was Lonesome Bert & The Skinny Lizards, who are in the process of finishing their 3rd CD at Eclipse

 10-21-2011 017 10-21-2011 018

10-21-2011 019 10-21-2011 020

10-21-2011 021 10-21-2011 022


Dr. Bill Hunt was in the studio recording “Silent Night” for our 10nth annual Charity CD


Doctor Bill says his older son, Will Hunt, is the REAL musician in the family! Check him out in the Nov 2011 issue of DRUM! and on the new Evanesence CD.

315964_272816529425717_101008209939884_863678_1554334629_n (1)

Bill Sabo, Elizabeth Roth and Jim Carpenter  recording their song for the holiday CD

 10-21-2011 023 10-21-2011 024

New Eclipse Interns Cellus and Stacey

10-21-2011 027

Kurt Johnston and Ray Kayanak recording a song Ray wrote specifically to close this years Holiday CD.  Ray has written many songs for the projects over the years

 10-21-2011 032

 10-21-2011 028

  10-21-2011 030

John McGee sporting an original Eclipse T-Shirt from 11 years ago!

  10-21-2011 034

Inga and St. Augustine Jazz Society President, Jack Pierson

 10-21-2011 035

Lee Hunter and Arvid Smith recording their holiday song.  They have contributed to many of our records

 securedownload (1)

 securedownload (2)

 securedownload (3)


Annette Danielson, Director of the “St. Augustine Community School of Performing Arts” was in the studio recording “Christmas Angels” for the Holiday CD.

Check out her spread in “Ignition Magazine”


Upcoming Events


October 29th (Saturday) 5-9p.m.

SACSPA Uptown Saturday Night Costume Party and Open House Jam

on 214 San Marco Ave.

SACSPA special Gift Drawing


November 6th, (Sunday) Veteran Show

Pre Show- 1:30-2:30pm Coquina Band and Morry Duenow

Veteran Show 2:30-4:30pm Location: Anastasia Baptist Church

3:30pm Boys and Girls Club Choir and SACSPA Students

SACSPA table and silent auction before, during and after event.


November 19th, Noon-7pm

Kids Rock The Nation

St. Augustine Amphitheatre

9:30am-7pm SACSPA Table w/ membership drive and registration


December 2nd, 7pm

Coquina Chorale and SACSPA Christmas Show

Coquina Crossings Clubhouse

Special Drawing


January 27th 6pm

Gala Event w/Florida Pro Musica

Silent Auction
Coquina Crossings Clubhouse


February 2012 TBA

SACSPA Recital


Sponsor a CHILD!


St. Augustine Community School of Performing Arts (SACSPA) is a non-profit 501c3 organization located in St. Augustine, FL.

We seek to find and nurture the spirit of creativity and talent that lies within every child in our community.

SACSPA is currently seeking scholarship funding.  This would provide private instruction for the motivated and gifted yet needy student.  Perhaps you would be able to sponsor a child as a Christmas Gift or Sponsor a program.



214 San Marco Ave.

Suite 1

St. Augustine, FL. 32086


Kids Rock The Nation Bandfest!  Don’t miss it!

Buy your tickets at the link below: Kids Rock The Nation Bandfest

 folkfest1 hawke

Friday, October 21, 2011

It's That Time Again...

The Annual Holiday Charity CD to benefit the “Empty Stocking Fund” is well under way. Check out some of the very talented artists on this years (the 10nth year!) CD

(below) Barefoot Davis came all the way from the St. Thomas, Virgin Islands and wrote a song specially for the CD.

Zan, DJ Rob, Barefoot Davis, Jonathan and Jim

Barefoot Davis and the gang at Eclipse

Barefoot Davis and the Gang at Eclipse Recording Company

In the studio at Eclipse Recording Company

In the Control Room at Eclipse Recording Company

Barefoot Davis recording

(below) Audio Engineer Zan

Audio Engineer, Zan from Badman

(below) Michael Elias added Mandolin for Barefoot “Viking” Davis


(below) John Dickie and Michael Elias imitating fish

John Dickie and Michael Elias at Eclipse

(below) The Board of Directors of the“Friends of the St. Augustine Amphitheatre” meeting to plan world domination

The Friends of the St. Augustine Amphitheatre

(below) Dr. Bill Hunt recording “Silent Night”

Dr. Bill Hunt at Eclipse Recording Company

(below) Michael “Canine” Howard recording Jingle Bells

Michael Howard

(below) Malt Shoppe Memories

Malt Shoppe Memories at Eclipse Recording Company

(below) “3 Headed Stepchild” and Mickey Cash recording “Christmas in Florida”

3-Headed Step-Child with Mickey Cash at Eclipse Recording Comp

(below) Jeff Chapman

Jeff Chapman at Eclipse Recording Company

(below) John Daly

John Daly at Eclipse Recording Company

(below) Jamie Harris

Jamie Harris at Eclipse Recording Company

(below) Kevin Eldridge

Kevin Eldridge at Eclipse Recording Company

(below) JD Dunlap

10-21-2011 026 10-21-2011 028

Check out these events: