Friday, June 12, 2015

News From The Studio - June 12, 2015

Classes begin July 14th for The Eclipse Song Craft Acadamy. Sign up here today!

The beautiful and extremely talented singer and song writer - Payton Sullivan

Steve and Johnny laid down a couple of new tracks!

Sue Green with Flagship Romance - currently on their 1st national tour.

A couple of shots from the Gamble Rogers Folk Festival with Gamble's daughter Lyn Rogers Lacy, Channel 12's Shannon Ogden and master composer Charles Robertson.

Kathleen Cody (Carrie Stokes) from the original Dark Shadows came in to do her voice for a new episode of Dark Shadows being produced in London. It looks like she is bringing the devil out of Jim. What a great talent and a delight to work with!

The Island Duet

Caren and Paul wrote a beautiful collection of music highlighting the entire history of St Augustine. Be sure to catch them performing live if you get the chance. At the controls is mom!

Joe Smith, a country singer that sounds and looks the part!

Phoenix (Rob Peck, Jim Stafford, Derek Hess and Ron Norris - missing from the shot is Rick "Hurricane" Johnson)

Jim's great friend and fellow Kill Devilian Stuart McArthur practicing chord inversions. We give lessons, too!

WFOY - Joyce Lundgren with Tim Daly and Jim talking about the Eclipse Songcraft Academy

Rev James Lee and family - great to work with them again.

Celebrating the Boxcar Children movie release with Stephen Lynch, his wife Terri and Sue.

Ricardo Perez - songwriter extraordinaire!

ZZ Top

Jeff Beck with Jimmy Hall

Tim Daly and Jim doing Beach 105.5, talking about the Songcraft Academy

Megan McCloud and Annette Danielson - Teacher and student recording Megan's composition.

Rhonda and Mark Burns meeting with Robert Burns and Jim about some new video adventures and Rhonda's guide for Baby Boomers, that she has in development. Exciting stuff to come - stay tuned!

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