Monday, August 31, 2009

We had “StoneClear” recording on Friday, and MattJeffs Live on Saturday!

We had the band, StoneClear in the studio, recording a demo. This will be the first CD by StoneClear! They were referred to Eclipse Recording by long-time friend Chad Sweeny.

StoneClearStoneClear is, Mitch Jarrells on Guitar (12 string) and Greg St. Clair (Singer). ”It’s quite impressive, the sound that comes out of these two.”


Greg says, “We were in the studio making our first CD, made up of a few covers to begin to market ourselves, and get our music into the hands of the people. It was a lot of fun.”

StoneClearCheck out their Facebook!

StoneClear on Facebook!

StoneClearCheck out StoneClear live Every Sunday at the Fountain of Youth 12 noon!

11 Magnolia Ave
St Augustine, FL 32084-2827
(904) 829-3168

Saturday, Jim Stafford (owner of Eclipse) and Dave Besley (ofThose Guys) were guests on the Airborne with MattJeffs Live Radio Show!

Airborne with MattJeffs radio showClick on the link below to watch the video. Jim and Dave come on at 30:22 in the video. (the 3rd quarter of the show)

Visit the Eclipse Recording Company website for more information on our Saint Augustine Studio.

John Alison will be in charge of the Official Gamble Rogers Blog. Harmony (office admin. @ Eclipse) and John had a meeting today discussing the basics of blogging.

Harmony and John AlisonCheck out some more photos at

Friday, August 28, 2009

Walt Kulwicki in the studio with Steve Bennett, and the Matt Jeff’s show tomorrow!

Eclipse had Walt Kulwicki in the studio yesterday, recording guitar parts for Steve Bennett. Walt recorded 2 original songs and 1 Chet Atkins cover, called “Yakety Axe.”

Walt Kullwicki

Walt Kullwicki

Walt will finally get the credit he deserves for coining the slogan for Eclipse, “from the first track to the shrink wrap” many years ago.

Walt Kulwicki

Walt Kulwicki

As many of you may know, Walt is a member of the band, Those Guys you can find Walt, and listen to his music with the links below:

Steve Bennett

Steve Bennett

Check back for updates on the release of Steve Bennett’s new CD.

Jim Stafford (chief conspirator at Eclipse) and Dave Besley (master duplicator at Eclipse/member of Those Guys) got together today in preparation for the Matt Jeffs show tomorrow details below:

Airborne with Matt Jeff’s Live of WFOY 1240 AM

Tomorrow! August 29th @ 8-9 a.m.

Jim Stafford and Dave Besley

Jim Stafford and Dave Besley

Jim will begin every other week taking artists from Eclipse to the show, below you will find Selections for September, and October.


Anastasia and Jim Carrick


Willie Green

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Martha Bush and another video shoot at Eclipse today

Martha Bush was in the studio yesterday, she is working on her first Christmas Album, of music from her pedal harp. Martha has been playing the harp since she was 11, she knew she wanted to learn an instrument but she wanted something more unique and challenging, her parents suggested the harp, because they loved the sound of it, and never really hear it unless it’s the background to a movie.

Martha Bush on the pedal harp at Eclipse Recording CompanyMartha says, “I am really happy to be in the studio again, experimenting with my own composition and my own music, before my move to Minnesota.” She goes on to say, “I will stay connected with Eclipse because I know that Jim (Stafford, owner of Eclipse) can still master and mix my songs from Florida.”

Martha has made 3 Videos of songs from her first album made at Eclipse entitled, “Have Harp Will Travel.”

You can find them in the link below:

Martha Bush on harp at Eclipse Recording StudioCheck out the Eclipse website below for updates, and more information on how you can get your music digitally mastered from anywhere in the world.


Or Call 904-794-1872 today!

We had another video shoot at Eclipse today, with the help of Dan Bagan, Francis, and Krysta Brown it was a success.

Dan Bagan, Krysta Brown, FrancisWe had Jim and Larry in the control room with a special guest, Millard Cooley from Sweet Corn Grits, who came to view the shoot.

“It was super-fun, I had a great time and can’t wait to do more,” said Krysta (pictured above, middle)

Larry Martin, Millard Cooley, Jim StaffordCheck out the Eclipse Website for updates and more information on Eclipse Recording Company

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Video Shoot at Eclipse!

Video Shoot with Krysta at Eclipse Recording

Eclipse shot video today as a new service to integrate onto websites for

  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Broadcasting Services
  • Artists and Musicians

Combining the power of Video with Syndication and Advertising Placement.

Video shoot 010We had Krysta (Project Manager at Eclipse) star in the video. Krysta says, “It was really exciting, and more difficult than I thought it would be.”

Dan Bagan (pictured below) was the man behind the camera, Krysta says of Dan, “Love Dan Bagan, he was very laid back and professional.” she goes on to say, “I have done Voice Overs before but this was my first commercial. I’m excited that people can take advantage of our new services. It’s a unique and fresh idea that will benefit businesses especially at a time when they need it the most.”

Video Shoot with Dan BaganDan Bagan formed YiTrinity, it is a movement of young people pursuing purpose and passion through music and other forms of self expression. Dan was joined today with Ray Eme (pictured below.) Ray is a strong advocate for YiTrinity.

Dan Bagan and Ray EmeYiTrinity is hosting an event in the Plaza downtown St. Augustine, on September 4th @ 7 p.m. Bands will include:

The Soul Birds


General Southern

Check out the YiTrinity Website below for updates and more information.

Jim Stafford and Francis at EclipseEclipse had Jim Stafford and Francis at the controls today, with the video shoot.

This video will be available soon……….check Eclipserecording.comfor updates!

Jim Carrick, Krysta Brown and Jim Stafford of Eclipse Recording CompanyThis morning Eclipse had Jim Carrick of Spanky and Our Gang in the studio (pictured above on left, with Krysta Brown and Jim Stafford) planning a promotional strategy for the Spanky Website!

If you would like to take advantage of the new web services offered by Eclipse click on the link below:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Eclipse had many musicians in the studio today………..

Ray Wixted, from Coquina Crossing was in this morning getting a head start on a “Compliment to the Chorus” CD for a Christmas show he will be directing at Coquina Crossing. This Christmas show will include a chorus of 70 voices!

Ray WixtedRay and his daughter Tracy made a CD at Eclipse several years ago called, “The Gift of Love.” ”That’s how I met Jim!” (referring to Jim Stafford, chief conspirator of Eclipse)

Visit the Coquina Crossing website for more information.

Eclipse also had David Pooler in working on the Design segment of his new CD, called “Seeking Asylum.”

David PoolerDavid Pooler’s CD release party will be on October 22, 2009

at 8:30 p.m.

1704 San Marco Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32207
Call (904) 398-9500 for more information.

Also, Eclipse is developing David’s website which will be available soon.

Eclipse had the pleasure of having Victoria Horne in again today, she was putting the final touches on the CD. This CD will be available at her website soon.

Visit EclipseRecording.Com for more updates, and information on our web services.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Victoria Horne and Rachel Chalmers in the studio!

Eclipse had Victoria Horne in the studio yesterday. Victoria just got back from Thailand, where she was singing and performing at the Bamboo Bar at the Hotel Manderin Oriental Bangkok. William Hurt, (an actor who was filming a movie in Thailand in March) was a guest there, and he heard Victoria sing along with a Russian Jazz Quartet.

Jessie Jackson Passed throught the halls, and heard Victoria singing and stopped in at the Bamboo Bar for a moment to listen. Jesse gave her a hello sign.

Victoria worked for years at Costa Cruises in Italy. She would do one woman shows on various ships.

Victoria also wrote 2 books, on named “New Horizon” and one named “My Horizon”, These books are coffee table books, with beautiful pictures of her travels. Photos below.

The Green Valley
The Green Valley

Victoria You can listen to her music, and read her story at her website, below

Jim Stafford says, “I live my life vicariously through her [Victoria's travels.] She is always a pleasure to have in the studio, and I enjoy the postcards she sends me.” Victoria was in the Eclipse studio recording 7 songs, from 4 years ago, so that she may post them on her website!

Victoria also has a Myspace (

Rachel chalmers

We also had Rachel Chalmers in the studio, she was referred to us by Kurt Johnston, Rachel was here today recording on her first project, a Demo Album she will be pitching to Nashville Tennessee.

Rachel Chalmers

Rachel has been singing since she was 3 years old. She also went to Douglas Anderson School of Arts, and is now a voice major at McNally Smith School of Music.

Rachel for updates!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sweet Corn Grits, Amy Hendrickson and Corey Peterson on one CD!

Sweet Corn Grits and Amy Hendrickson and the Prime Directive

Sweet Corn Grits, Amy Hendrickson and Corey Peterson recorded at Eclipse yesterday. They are working together on Sweet Corn Grits upcoming CD entitled “Sweet Cornin!’”
SWG and Amy Hendrickson and the prime directive
Millard Cooley of S.W.G. says jokingly, “We’re changing the world, one note at a time.”
SWG and Amy Hendrickson and the prime directive
On a serious note S.C.G. says, “Sweet Corn Grits has one mission and that is to spread peace, love and compassion with music that moves.”
band members include:
Millard Alan Cooley and Matthew John Cooley.

Amy Hendrickson – vocals, guitar, percussion, bass /
Corey Peterson - saxophone

SWG and Amy Hendrickson and the Prime Directive

Listen to their music below:
Check out the Eclipse Website!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

All in a days work.........

Eclipse had a very special client in today, his name is Joe “Survival” Caruso, not only is he a (2 year) Vietnam Vet, but he has played the blues since 1965! In the late 70’s Joe would play at Club 77, in New Orleans, his audience included Stevie Ray Vaughan (back then they called him little Stevie, and Jimmy Vaughan; Stevie’s brother.)Joe CarusoHurricane Katrina may have taken his material possessions, but not his music. He was in the studio today recording some original songs, and some covers, including “Killing Floor” by Howlin Wolf.Joe CorusoHe is all over the net, check out his videos on YouTube, and his music on Myspace: CarusoVisit for updates! Eclipse was also busy today with Rob Peck, who came in to design his new CD with Krysta. The CD will be available in 2 weeks! Check out Rob’s Myspace site to sample the music and find out more about one of our favorite locals, Rob Peck!

Jim, Krysta and Rob(left to right) Jim Stafford, Krysta Brown and Rob Peck.

Jim Stafford worked a late one, Chelsea Willbach came in to record some more songs for her upcoming CD!

Chelsea WillbachChelsea Willbach

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ella, Ron and Chase with songs of worship

Saturday, Eclipse had Ella Palmer (vocals), Ron Palmer (Drums)and Chase Fullerton (bass) in the studio. They are part of the worship team at Anastasia Baptist Church in Saint Augustine!

The Worship TeamElla wrote all of the songs recorded here. Ella says, “God is truly amazing, He has put so many influential people in my life to lift me up and encourage me! I pray that he continues to work in my life, giving me his lyrics and melodies to reach out to his people.”

The worship teamChase is their father (shown above; right) and he was a member of the Army Blues Band. Ella redeemed her gift certificate, for the Eclipse Demo Package, which includes,

  • 5 hours of studio time
  • Recording Engineer
  • 25 Pro Packaged CD’s
  • Text Printing
  • for only $349.00

Check out Eclipse Recording Company website for more packages:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

One Les Paul

Les Paul and Bush

Les Paul and Bush

Guitarist Les Paul receives a 2007 National Medal of Arts from President George W. Bush

Les Paul Beautiful Guitar

Les Paul and Beautiful Guitar

Les Paul has contributed so much to the music industry. He will be missed.

“Mr Paul died from complications of pneumonia in New York, according to Gibson, the firm that sold his guitars.”

Jim Stafford says, “Les Paul was extraordinary. He was a great performer, inventor, innovator and an inspiration to us all.

As a performer his recordings and the TV show he did with his wife, Mary Ford, are still relevant and enjoyed today.

As an inventor, he revolutionized the guitar world by creating the 1st solid body electric guitar. The Les Paul model Gibson is probably the most recognized guitar of all time. It is also probably the most popular model among working guitarists.

As an innovator, he brought the recording world into a new age by creating multi-track recording. He continued to create and improve upon existing technology his entire life. I had the pleasure of working with Danny Gatton when he collaborated with Les Paul, creating the Les Paulverizer, heard on Danny’s Red Neck Jazz Album.

APTOPIX Obit Les Paul

Les Paul

Jim goes on to say, “But the story I love the most that demonstrated Les Paul’s love of playing the guitar, was when he broke his elbow in the 1950’s he had it set in an “L” shape so he could always play!”

Visit EclipseRecording.Com

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Sensational Singers at Eclipse

The Sensational Singers are a gospel group, they perform in local churches spreading the spiritual message of hope to our ears.

The Sensational Singers

I spoke to one member Jackie Washington and she said that they have fun, and are making a CD called “The New Sensational Voices.”

The Sensational Singers

Check out the Eclipse Website for updates, and more……


The Sensational Singers

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

J-Bird and the Southern Drawl in the Studio over the weekend

We had J-Bird and the Southern Drawl in the studio, working on some new music. Members include, Jason Barnes Lead Vocal Rhythm Guitar Charlie Hill Lead guitar,Banjo Mike Ryan on BassDave Solano on Drums

J-BIRDJ-Bird will be competing in the Battle of the Bands at JackRabbits, Sunday Sept. 13! Show starts at 4 p.m.

JackRabbits is located at 1528 Hendricks Ave.

Jacksonville, Florida 32207

J-BIRD and The Southern DrawlsYou can listen to music on their Myspace below:

or their band website below:

J-BIRD and The Southern DrawlsCheck out The Eclipse Recording Company website for Updates, Photos, and more………


J-BIRD and The Southern Drawls

Friday, August 7, 2009

Lynnette Wadsworth, 1st place in the Pas De Deux Challenge

Lynnette just got back from Leesburg, Va., in Morven Park, where she took took part in the Pas De DeuxChallenge.

Harmony interviewing Lynnette Wadsworth

Harmony interviewing Lynnette Wadsworth

Lynnette took home 1st place, among 17 other contestants. Lynnette won with a medley from the musical “Hair.” She also, won the musical Freestyle, from the opera “Carmen”

Today, she is recording songs by “The Who” for the Grand Prix freestyle, for Brian McMahnn.

You could be friends with Lynnette on Facebook

Visit our website below, for news and updates

Thursday, August 6, 2009

“I’m More Than That” with Chelsea Willbach

We had Chelsea Willbach in the studio yesterday. It is evident she has been singing since she was 3 years old!

Chelsea Willbach

She is performing the song “I’m More Than That” by Nightfall. On the subject of the music industry, Chelsea said, “My dream is to have my own album, and to be able to live my life doing what I love to do the most, singing and performing.”

Chelsea Willbach

Jim Stafford had much to say about Chelsea, “I had the pleasure of meeting her after she had sung at the wedding of our long time client and friend, Stephen Lynch. She is a very talented young lady, with aspirations of a career in the music industry.”

Chelsea Willbach

Jim went on to say, “We chose, as a vehicle to demo her voice, a song written by Rusty Springfield and recorded by Nightfall, “I’m More Than That.”

“She did a great job and we look forward to working with her again in a couple of weeks.” Said Stafford.

Chelsea Willbach

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We Welcomed David Pooler and his lovely daughter, Lexi to Eclipse today

David Pooler has ordered the new Web Service offered by Eclipse, with the help of Francis (far right) very soon you will be able to go straight to

David says of the service, and Francis, “I learned a lot from Francis, and am looking forward to working with him, he seems web savvy and knows what he is talking about.”

David, Lexi, Francis

David, Lexi, Francis

Jim Stafford said of Lexi (1 of 4 of David’s daughters) “She is not only beautiful, but has a wonderful voice.”

We also had “Pops” in the studio, doing some drummin’. It is always a pleasure when he stops by.

PopsVisit our Website for more information on the new, affordable, services we offer to our clients.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sweet Corn Grits in the studio today

Sweet Corn Grits in the studio today

Group shot

The studio was full today we had Millard Alan Cooley of Sweet Corn Grits,

Millard Alan Cooley of Sweet Corn Grits

Millard Alan Cooley of Sweet Corn Grits

Millard says, “If you truly want to know real music look in your little studios.”

We had Aimee Moses in too……

Aimee Moses

Aimee Moses

Aimee says “Their music is changing lives on day at a time, and it’s beautiful to watch.”

Playing drums for Sweet Corn Grits, we had David Johnson…..

David Johnson on drums for Sweet Corn Grits

David Johnson on drums for Sweet Corn Grits

Dave says, “It’s nice to have the opportunity to play music, and not just drums.”

Accompanying the band we had their producer, Larry Martin

Rusty Springfield and Larry Martin

Rusty Springfield and Larry Martin

Larry Joked, “Being in the presence of Millard is a life altering experience.”

Rusty Springfield says (Check out last Rusty Springfield blog to get the inside joke) “The sandwiches are better this time.”

Rusty Springfield

Rusty Springfield

To Listen to Sweet Corn Grits, and view their schedule, Check out their Myspace:

Check out Eclipse Recording Company’s Website for updates: