Friday, September 23, 2011

This week in the studio...

(below) Billy Odom and Dave Besley

09-23-2011 001

Jim, Eddie Pickett, Rob Peck and Dave Besley working on Dave’s new CD, “Hopeless Romantic”. Jim is holding Rob’s old Gibson Lap Steel.

“Rob, too bad you can’t afford to buy a new guitar!”

09-23-2011 015

(below) Lonesome Bert & The Skinny Lizards with Jim

09-23-2011 002

(below) Katy our newest Graphic Design Intern and Harmony working on some new designs

09-23-2011 003

(below) Curtis Powell playing “ Marshmallow World” for Allie Kelly

09-23-2011 00409-23-2011 006

09-23-2011 00809-23-2011 009

(below) Allie Kelly with her mom, Kris and Curtis

09-23-2011 010

(below) Jennie Vick was also performing a song for this years Holiday Charity CD from Eclipse (which will benefit the “Empty Stocking Fund”). She sang “A Song For Chanukah”

09-23-2011 013

(below) PL Squrd

09-23-2011 011

(below) Derek Hess & Billy Bowers working on Billy’s new CD “Avocado Sunburst”

09-23-2011 012


(below) A “back in the day” photo (Billy is in the middle) it’s the “Jules Verne Band”


(below) Gabriel “The Storm” Jarrett a 7-year-old dynamo finishing up his new song

09-23-2011 017 09-23-2011 021 09-23-2011 022 09-23-2011 024

Friday, September 16, 2011

Lately in the studio…

Lonesome Bert & The Skinny Lizards working on their 3rd CD. Tracking finished today, September 15th. We will begin mixing when they return from their triumphant tour of the Florida Keys.


09-16-2011 00109-16-2011 00209-16-2011 003 09-16-2011 00509-16-2011 006 09-16-2011 00909-16-2011 01009-16-2011 011 09-16-2011 01409-16-2011 01509-16-2011 016

(below) Eclipse Engineer Zan mixing with Austin, our first DRIVE client.

09-16-2011 018

(below) Austin is a very talented hip-hop artist recording original material with beats by Zan

09-16-2011 019

(below) Flagler Dean, Tracy Halcomb, has been bringing her audio class to tour Eclipse for close to 10 years now. We had a fun time discussing studio construction and Audio Engineering

“Thanks Tracy for another fun evening!”

09-16-2011 020

(below) Aubrey and Molly Anne Mays. Aubrey recorded a CD called “Lasting Love Songs” as a special part of their 55th Wedding Anniversary.

09-16-2011 021

(below) Aubrey was kind enough to share this photograph with us. In this picture Aubrey is playing upright Bass and the Trumpet Player is Ross Tompkins. Ross later achieved fame on Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show”

09-16-2011 022

(below) Past, present and future. Trevor Wilson, our former Graphics Wizard Intern paid us a visit ironically at the exact moment that Katy Rosenburg, our newest graphic Intern wizard, came to meet us in the picture also is DRIVE Coordinator and Chief Wizard Intern Mark Dobies

09-16-2011 023

(below) Mark and Tom of the “Warehouse Blues Band” showing Jim how it is done!

09-16-2011 013

(below) Frankie Urzetta was blessed to have The Ponte Vedra Presbyterian Youth Choir sing the chorus on “Jesus is Just Alright With Me”

09-16-2011 012

(below) Here are some great photos of them at at Eclipse…

09-16-2011 025


DSC_0353DSC_0358DSC_0346DSC_0359 DSC_0373DSC_0380DSC_0382 DSC_0385DSC_0387DSC_0398DSC_039909-16-2011 028



(below) Dave is working on his 2nd solo CD, “Hopeless Romantic” and planning vocal over-dubs with master vocalist and song-writer with Billy Odom.

09-16-2011 029