Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Martha Bush and Bernie Powers

Martha Bush is finalizing her Christmas Album today, there will be 10 musical pieces, and she has already talked to Krysta (Project Manager) about the simple package concept that Martha is interested in. Martha says, “I really like the economical CD packaging options for the artists. The timing is perfect because I will sell both CD’s at the Coquina Crossing Craft Festival.”

Martha Bush in the Studio at Eclipse Recording CompanyShe will be selling her first debut album (recorded at Eclipse in 2007) called, Have Harp Will Travel and her new Christmas CD!

The Coquina Crossing Craft Festival will go on for 2 days!

Oct. 9th from 9 a.m.-8 p.m.

Oct. 10th from 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

at the Coquina Crossing Clubhouse

for more info. call

or email them at

Martha Bush in the studio at Eclipse Recording Company
We also had Bernie Powers in the studio today, “Bernie has a variety of fun tunes to put on this CD” says Jim Stafford (chief conspirator at Eclipse.) To purchase his CD called, Worldwide HooDoo (Raggedy Men) go to:

Bernie lives in Jacksonville, but he says, “We had such a good experience with Worldwide HooDoo at Eclipse, I wouldn’t want to start over with someone I don’t know.”
Bernie Powers at Eclipse Recording Company
Jim “rescued” some songs of Bernie’s that he brought in on a Boss Home Recording Unit. Jim has the equipment and capabilities to mix and master songs from any home recording unit.
Boss Home Recording Unit
We offer this service to these folks that enjoy working with home recording systems, you just bring your tracks to Eclipse and we put a professional mix to them. This allows for artists to record on their own time, but get radio ready results!

Check out all the services that Eclipse Recording Company has to offer:

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So many musicians, so little time………….

Dave Besley was in the studio today working on a new song he wrote with Barry Dunaway.

Dave Besley

Barry Dunaway is a very talented musician, he has worked with many other famous musicians like, Pat Travers, Joe Lynn Turner and he toured with Kiss. Barry layed down the bass tracks for the new song.

Barry Dunaway

Gove Scrivenor is also working on this song with Besley. Gove is another very talented musician who worked with John Prine, and you may remember him from his work on the popular PBS show called, Austin City Limits.

Gove Scrivenor

He is an old friend of Jim’s, he has worked with him many times at the Gamble Rogers Festival.

As many of you are aware………………The Decemberists are playing tonight at the St. Aug. Amphitheatre.

The Decemberists

JB of WFCF (“Good Morning Americana” 88.5, Saturday mornings from 9:30-12 noon) did a phone interview with Colin Malloy of The Decemberists from the studio of Eclipse Recording Company.

If you missed the interview you can still listen to it by following the link below, Enjoy!

We also had Uma in the studio today, she is shooting a video for her yoga class!

Uma and Dan Bagan

Uma Seaman is pictured above, with Videographer Dan Bagan. She has been doing Yoga for 25 years! She teaches Yoga to classes and groups.

She was referred to Eclipse by our good friend and client, Lynnette Wadsworth, who is featured in our other blogs.

If you would like an experienced Yoga teacher, call Uma at 904-669-1437

or email her at:

For more information on Eclipse Recording Company please visit our site!

Monday, September 28, 2009

The First Annual St. Augustine Beach Jazz Festival was great!

The First Annual St. Augustine Beach Jazz Festival was a great success. This event, sponsored by The St. Augustine Jazz Society, The St. Augustine Beach Civic Association, and Eclipse Recording Company attracted approximately 600 residents and visitors.

It was held at the St. Aug. Beach Pier Pavillion, a well known musical happening spot thanks to the hard work of our good friends Bob and Annie Samuels.

It was a weekend of great music, food and fun which couldn’t have happened without the participation of Jim Stafford and his staff from Eclipse. To quote one of our performers, “Jim Stafford really know his stuff” Says Inga Erickson, President of the St. Augustine Jazz Society.

Jazz FestBob Fraioli Group, featuring Al Waters (formerly with Ray Charles)

Jazz FestET, Swings the Thing, featuring Eddie Trester and Debbie Rider

Jazz Fest

Dan Bagan and Jazz Society President Inga Erickson

Jazz FestThe Bill Prince Band featuring Jack Pierson, Rusty Springfield and Clyde

Jazz FestSt. Augustine H.S. Jazz Quartet

Jazz FestThe Roland Fleming Connection

Jazz FestJazz Piersonified (Jack Pierson, V.P. of the St. Aug. Jazz Society)

Jazz FestFeaturing Cindy Pierson

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Now you can listen to The Decemberists interview online!

If you have been keeping up with Eclipse Recording Company’s Blog this week, you already know that we have had David Eli Grimes recording in the studio, and now it is time to move to the Design portion of his Album, that can only be accomplished with Krysta Brown, our very own Project Manager!

David Eli Grimes and Krysta Brown at Eclipse Recording CompanyDavid Eli, has been part of the Eclipse family for years. He is a very talented songwriter, whose passion for music often takes up important social causes. His most recent song is “Pretty Little Old Saint Augustine.” Eli has been writing songs for 25 years!

Joe Santana is in the studio again, “Joe has been a staple of the Biker Rally scene from Coast-to-Coast for nearly 20 Years running.” You can read about Joe and get tour information on his website below:

Joe Santana and Jim Stafford at the controls in Eclipse Recording StudioCheck out the Eclipse Recording Company Website!

JB of WFCF (“Good Morning Americana” 88.5, Saturday mornings from 9:30-12 noon) did a phone interview with Colin Malloy of The Decemberists from the studio of Eclipse Recording Company.

The Decemberists will be performing at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre, Tuesday, Sept. 29!

Now, you can listen to the interview by following the link below, Enjoy!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eli Grimes and Krysta Brown

We had Eli Grimes in the studio and he wrote a beautiful song called, ”Pretty Little Old Saint Augustine” he says, It’s ”a song that is destined to go down in history, it took me almost 500 years to write such a song.”

David Eli Grimes
Krysta Brown and Janis Brown are pictured here, hard at work at the studio!
Krysta Brown and Janis Brown

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Hastings Family and More………………

Yesterday, we had a musical family in the studio!

The Hastings FamilyEli (9), Matthew (5) Lizzie and Mark (Parents)

Lizzie says, “Anyone remember the Partridge Family?………….Our turn! This is Eli’s first studio experience, we are so glad it is with the Eclipse family. Jim made Eli feel just like family too, thank you!”

We also had Bernie “Son” Powers in the studio, working with Rob Piazza on a solo project.

Rob and SonRob (above, left) is in a band called “The Falling Bones” and they play all over Saint Augustine. Rob says, “I really like Jim, the studio is great. Jim helps out the local musicians a lot, and I’d rather give my money to Jim than anyone else, you gotta support the local businesses.”

Bernie “Son” used to play in a band called “WorldWide HooDoo” and they have a great CD available at CD Baby!

Click HERE to buy CD!

Vinny Jacobs was in the studio today, he has been here many times to contribute his musical talent to other artists, like Steve Bennett. Today is different, he is working on his own Cd that will be released this year, the name for the album is “Brand New Day.”

Vinny Jacobs at Eclipse Recording CompanyVinny has a website (in progress)


Or Listen to some of his music:

His musical focus is, Finger style guitar, acoustic blues and modern folk!

he says, “I’ve known Jim for a few years now, and what brought me to Eclipse originally was the Gear, what keeps me coming back is his engineering experience with acoustic musicians.”

Check out EclipseRecording.Com for updates and some great photos!

Joe Santana, Kurt Johnston and Sweet Corn Grits (just to name a few) in the studio………….

Eli Grimes and Kurt JohnstonEli Grimes and Kurt Johnston were in the studio. Eli wrote a beautiful song about St. Augustine. Kurt orchestrated 2 dozen parts.

Seattle and GrandpaSeattle stopped by to see his grandpa Jim and the Studio.

Millard, Larry and Jim(left to right) Millard Cooley, Larry Martin and Jim Stafford

Millard Cooley (Sweet Corn Grits) says, “I’m happy as long as it’s me and Jimmy Lee!”

We also had Steven Craig and Janell Marsh in the studio recording back up vocals for their new album.

Janell Marsh and Steven CraigSteven Craig plays Acoustic Guitar and Lead Vocals of That kind of man band, other members include:

Bass Guitar David Sullivan,

Lead Guitar Glenn Meyer,

Drums and Percussion Tinker Wingate,

Back Up Vocals Janell Marsh.

Janell MarshListen to their music at

Last but not least, we had Joe Santana in the studio……………………………..

Joe Santana (below) “has been a staple of the Biker Rally scene from Coast-to-Coast for nearly 20 Years running. Joe Santana’s Kingfish is currently touring the country at events near you.”

Joe Santana at Eclipse Recording CompanyYou can check out Joe at his website!

Alex the drummerAlex the drummer of the Joe Santana Band!

Collin of the Joe Santana Band!Collin of the Joe Santana Band!

Check out the Eclipse Website for Updates and great Photos!

Airborne with Matt Jeffs Live on Sat., and who’s in the studio today?

Saturday, Jim Stafford (owner of Eclipse) and Jim Carrick (Spanky and our Gang) were guests on the Airborne with MattJeffs Live Radio Show!

airborne with Matt Jeffs Live

Click on the link below to watch Jim and Jim!

Visit the Eclipse Recording Company website for more information on our Saint Augustine Studio.

The weekend was busy……………………….

Jim recorded some great talent with Showtime USA!

Alliah, Madison, Bailee, Carley, Taylor Grace, and Janeya(above) Alliah, Madison, Bailee, Carley, Taylor Grace, and Janeya!

The Showtime USA family says, “We just want to say, thanks for another great session with you. We have been coming to Eclipse for many years and Jim has always made us feel at home as we record our back up vocals for our upcoming shows each year. Being in the studio makes our kids feel like “Rock Stars” Thanks again for all you do for us and the community!”

Check out their website at:

We had Dave Besley and Kurt Johnston in the studio today working on Besley’s 2nd solo CD. The song is called, “Love’s Strange.” The song is written by Chris McVey and Dave Besley.

Dave Besley and Kurt JohnstonDave says of Kurt, “Kurt was my main man on the 1st cd, I just write the songs and he puts his heart and soul into it.”

Visit for more information on Eclipse Recording Company!

Another busy Friday at Eclipse!

The day started with JB (from wfcf, good morning americana show) and Dan Larson. They phone-interviewed Colin Meloy of the Decemberists!

JB from WFCF!

JB (above) says, “This will be first time for The Decemberists in Saint Augustine, it should be a great show!”

Listen to this phone interview tomorrow morning:

with JB and his “Good Morning Americana” show, at 88.5 WFCF, 9:30-12 noon! Check out his myspace site HERE

See the Decemberists LIVE:

Sept. 29th at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre!

Visit to purchase tickets!

Speaking of the St. Augustine Amphitheatre……………………………………………

Dan Larson Marketing Director of St. Aug. Ampatheatre!We also had Dan Larson; Marketing Director of the St. Augustine Amphitheatre in the studio for the phone interview!

“Isn’t it absolutely amazing how many great acts have come and are coming to the amphitheatre” says Jim Stafford.

Steve Bennett and John McGee (below) came in to work on 3 new original songs and locked into a very cool groove for the whole session.

Steve Bennett and John McGee

John Hankinson (below) stopped by for a “high level Pow Wow” today!

John Hankinson at Eclipse Recording Company!The excitement doesn’t stop there………………………………………………….

Eddy Trester at Eclipse Recording Company!Eddy Trester was in the studio today working on the Christmas CD Eclipse Recording Company puts out every year! (proceeds go to the Empty Stocking Fund)

Jim Stafford (chief conspirator/owner) says of Eddy, “he always has a smile, very positive, and a good friend to me and to Eclipse!”

Eddy is a very talented Jazz Drummer for a band called, Et Swings the Thing. Other members of the band include:

Lee Quick on Keyboard

Ted Tedesco on Bass

James Whitfield on Tenor Sax

Debbie Rider Vocalist

Eddy is also a proud advocate for and a veteran of the U.S. Merchant Marine in WWII.

Their music website is coming soon, so visit eclipserecording.comfor updates!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Melody sang her heart out in the studio today………….

Melody a.k.a. Jim’s daughter a.k.a. Best Chef of St. Augustine (2 years in a row)! She came to record today, using a gift certificate she got from her birthday!

Melody StewartShe is recording original piano compositions with vocals. She began her music career with guitar at age 12, then took piano lessons with Marilyn Boren, (Jim Stafford’s Mom) at age 15!

Melody Stewart at Eclipse Recording CompanyShe is going to name her CD “Story of My life” Melody says, “Jim/Dad is a very talented engineer, and I trust his judgement, if he says I can learn Rhythm, then I can!”

Melody was Voted “The Best Chef of St. Augustine,” 2 years in a row by The St. Augustine Record. She works at a restaurant called, Collage downtown visit their website for more information!

Eclipse also welcomed Ron Dore and Barbera Jones. Ron is a good friend of Jim’s and a loyal Transfer Client of Eclipse Recording Company!

Ron Dore and Barbera JonesCheck out our website for updates and Info. on the studio

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tim and Sharon Haszard and Dave Besley in the studio………….

Tim and Sharon have been singing together for 40 years! This is their first CD together, this CD is kind of like a “comeback” CD.

Sharon Haszard“Music is the thread of harmony throughout our lives. Entertaining others since we were in our teens, we began singing folk music and progressed to bluegrass. Over the years, from a duo to a six piece band, we crossed over into country, country rock, and rock classics. While raising our three daughters, music became a vital element in our family’s life- and so it continues………………….” Says Tim and Sharon Haszard.

Tim HaszardThey own a small business, but would like to get gigs around town.

If you would like to book them please send inquiry’s to the email below:

Dave Besley (a member of Those Guys and Master Duplicator at Eclipse) was in the studio this time to lay down a scratch, vocal track for the song “It Won’t Be Long.” This is an original by Besley and will be featured on his 3rd CD, in his solo series.

Dave BesleyDave brought in his 1969 Martin Guitar that his father gave him, “as far as I know, 1969 was the last year they used Brazilian Rosewood on the guitars,” said Dave.

Dave Besley

Dave says of his recent projects, “I’m starting to get excited, Kurt Johnston is coming in soon to contribute to the CD, and we are going to start building tracks!”

Check out Dave Besley of Those Guys below:

Tim and Sharon Haszard were in the studio again finishing up some more tracks for their comeback CD!

Tim HaszardSharon Haszard

Visit Eclipse Recording Company’s Website for more information:


Friday, September 11, 2009

We had the “Southern Wailers” from Just Breathe Records in the studio………….

The Southern Wailers consist of Emma Moseley - lyrics, vocals, guitar and Bobby Turner, Jr. - electric guitar. We were happy to have them in our studio to record their single entitled, “Fishes”.

They are signed with Just Breathe Records.

Emma Moseley in the studio at Eclipse

They have already been on tour and have some shows booked, don’t miss them:

October 30, 2009 2:00 p.m.

Backstreets-The Nest

Bobby Turner Jr. on Drums at Eclipse

Bobby Turner Jr. on drums

Emma Moseley in the studio

Emma and Bobby have been singing/performing for almost 11 years now.

Bobby Turner Jr. on Guitar at Eclipse

As you can see these two are multi-talented musicians! If you would like more information on the “Southern Wailers” Check out their sites below:

Announcement: The Southern Wailers need a Drummer, so email them if your interested:

Visit for updates!