Friday, February 24, 2012

And The Winner is…

The Ancient City Slickers Will be performing at the “Jacksonville Landing” on March 7, 2012 between 5 and 9 pm. In the final phase of the “JaxTalent 2012″ competition. There won’t be scheduled performance times until all contestants are signed in at the “Landing” site. The first performances are limited to 3 minutes for each act and the judging will include performance, showmanship and audience reaction.


There will be 3 acts chosen for the winner-take-all $5000 prize. It is the audience reaction is where the support of a bus load or two of St Augustine and St Johns County folk would be a huge help in cementing our chance at winning. This audience element could make a difference, since it is probable that the Jacksonville folk will be dominant….We’re ready to charge ahead in any case, but any additional noise in our favor would be welcome. ( Thanks for your support in the voting…now it’s crunch time for us….)

Cable Spence…(AKA) Ancient City Slickers



Marty Filman, owner of Marty’s Trailer Depot, is the man you want to contact with any needs you may have relating to your equipment trailers. He does it all!

Contact him at 386-325-9625 or

New Image11

Taylor McCloud and his posse showing us how they feel about “the serious side of life”.

photo (40)

Michael Cunningham and Jim planning political strategies.

photo (41)

Work continued on John Dickies CD he is shown here with the brain-trust of Michael and Leo.

photo (42)

Representing the Jones gang, we have Molly looking beautiful and Todd looking mischievous.

photo (44) photo (43)

Dave Besley and Brady Green

photo (45)

Engineer Zan The Man

photo (46)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Todd and Molly are in the house…

Todd and Molly Jones began work on their first professionally recorded CD. They have a great local fan base which we expect will expand regionally on the completion of this project. They are both talented songwriters and their songs feature harmonies that blend beautifully. Work on this project continues this week.


Rob Peck brought in the sole remaining copy of the 1st album he was on called “The SinkHole Tapes” Although it is circa 1983 you can hear the soulfulness that has become Rob’s trademark sound. He also was in re-ordering his CD, recorded at Eclipse called “Live Finally” which has been hugely successful. Sales have already exceeded 5000 copies.


photo (30)

John Dickie continued his project with the help of band mate Michael Elias.
photo (31)

Kurt Johnston was in finalizing “Circle of Fire” for Stephen Lynch’s 3rd album which we expect to release in April.

photo (32) photo (34)

Taylor McCloud came in to rock the house on drums and vocals. This talented young artist will be pursuing both music and video in school.

photo (33) photo (35)

Gilbert and Ayuba, both from Nigeria, recorded all the tracks and sang a song Ayuba wrote to accompany a Nigerian folk dance.

photo (36)

Friday, February 10, 2012

We Are The People...

We really enjoyed mixing this delightful CD of songs from two fine writers who truly care.

Bill and Eli Perras have gotten great reviews of their new CD called, “We Are The People”.

Click the photo below to read more!


Casey Leydon, artist and creator of this outstanding historic St. Augustine Art Map, was in planning the music for the video to promote his exciting project. His vision has come to life, it is truly from his heart and will benefit the United Way. Eclipse is proud to be able to participate in the soundtrack.

photo (19)

This is the Drinking Part of the Song

Mark Hart has just given the final approval on his new CD, which goes into print today!

This record was recorded LIVE at the famous Tropical Tradewinds Lounge

Mark Hart Drinking Part of Song FRONT

Steve Bennett and Johnny Doering. Steve and Johnny recorded the initial tracks on 2 new songs. Steve is the leader of the Vinny Vance Band and Johnny owns “JT’s Seafood” restaurant in the Hammocks.

photo (17)

Frankie Urzetta was in adding drums to Randy Massey’s song “Yesterday”.

photo (27)

Brady Green and his rare Baldwin Bass.

Jim says, “Brady and I both tried to date this Bass but Baldwin doesn’t have any records that they have ever made any electric Basses. It’s a great sounding instrument!”

photo (24)

Here is the real deal, a 1952 Fender Telecaster, part of Brady’s great collection. Dave Besley was caught trying to steal it.

photo (21)

“He rode to glory on a Fender”…”

photo (16)

“Telecaster? Stratocaster?”

Kurt Johnston came in with his beautiful vintage Double10 SHO-BUD for master songwriter John Dickie

photo (28)

Kurt with his SHO-BUD

photo (26)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Jax Talent 2012...

Two talented acts that have long been a part of the Eclipse family are participating in JAX TALENT 2012

Andrea Marquis and the Ancient City Slickers. Check out their competetion videos below. To cast your vote for Andrea click this link: Andrea Marquis


To cast your vote for the Ancient City Slickers, click this link: Ancient City Slickers


The secret is out…You can vote 3 times a day, 10 votes at a time. They have until Feb. 15th!


Cisco, Ralf Ingwersen of Ripleys International and Jim met to plan the video of the GhostHunters stars, Kris Williams and Amy Bruni, that we shot at Ripleys Friday the 13th.

Cisco and Jim are spent their Friday the 13th following the Ghost Hunters team (Kris and Amy) around Ripley’s original museum. We will keep you posted.



P1010659 P1010653

Eli Grimes in the control room

Eli and Kurt Johnston

Dave Besley’s new album “Hopeless Romantic” is Eclipse’s own “Featured CD of the Month” Click Here to listen or buy this CD at the Eclipse Online Store!

Hopeless Romantic by Dave Besley

Here are two reviews by two of North East Florida’s most respected performers:

Rob Peck says, “”Troubadour in the first degree”, is what first comes to mind after listening to David Watt Besley’s- Hopeless Romantic recording. Besley delivers a collection of honest & organic songs that can only come from an artist that has spent years honing his craft. His originals are well written and earthy. Delivered with a destinctive voice that is hard to catagorize. The type of voice that I refer to as a “character” voice, when you hear Besley’s voice, you know exactly who is singing. Some voices are pleasing, but generic, not Besley’s. His cover of Cat Steven’s “On the Road To Find Out” is especially well done. One of my favorite qualities about this album over all is that it is not slick & overproduced. All the instruments seem to fit the songs. It’s obvious that the contributing cast of musician added a great deal in the quality of the sound. Especially Kurt Johnstons contribution on; dobro, steel guitar, and keyboards. These contributions add a great deal in making these songs and this recording come alive! Overall, this is a very well done album, well written, and well represented. Dave, when are you ganna take us all fishin’? “


Barry Dunaway says, ”Dave Besley has just out done himself on his new CD “Hopeless Romantic”. Dave’s latest collection of stories-put-to-music are songs heartfelt from a true southern gentleman’s point of view.

His band of cohorts and co-writers put “a hurtin’ ” to these tracks that conjure up some very pleasing imagery–feels just like your favorite flannel shirt with a nice warm plate of comfort food…
Dave continues to be creative and upbeat with a downhome sense of charm… “
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