Friday, March 30, 2012

Romanza Week is Coming…

The Romanza Publicity Committee was in the studio planning marketing strategies for the Romanza Events (listed below) you don’t want to miss!


Romanza’s “Monumental 1812 Constitucion Parade & Celebration”

Sunday May 20th 4pm at the Fountain of Youth! ($8)

Romanza’s “Latin Beauty and Music”

Saturday May 19th 4pm at the Fountain of Youth ($Free)


Featuring the Beauty Queens of Latin America!

Chrisally Espinal Miss Mundo Latina 2011 Imani Velez Miss Mundo Latina Teen 2011Elysees Ortiz Miss Photogenic Mundo Latina 2011 official

And some wonderful bands at


“For Heaven’s Sake” photo5photo photo2

The Jones Gang meets Ta’i and Jerry Garcia in the studio.


Another shot of Brady Green and his wonderful 1952 Telecaster again.


Jack Sharpless, Chelsea Cottave and Cisco.

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Terry Sylvester of “The Hollies” performing a solo show in support of the “Art Breakers”. Eclipse will be providing sound for their event on May 19th, featuring Denny Laine of the “Moody Blues” and Paul McCartney and Wings. Also performing on that show will be Jim’s band “The Falling Bones.”


Classical Guitarist, Robin Lahiri, picking up his CD’s.


Russell George formerly with Dizzy Gillespie, John Denver, Paul Simon, Starland Vocal Band…the list is endless.


Friday, March 23, 2012

The 31st Annual St. Augustine Lions Seafood Festival Photos…

Enjoy these photos below:

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3-23-12 012photo (96)

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3-23-12 008

photo (94) photo (95)

photo (93)

photo (97) photo (98)

photo (99)

Friends of the St. Augustine Amphitheatre board of directors outside of the Moody Blues Concert. One of Justin’s Hayward picks found on the stage following the show and given to Jim by T’ai, who worked the show.


photo (100) moody blues

If you too want to get seats this good become a friend of the St. Augustine Amphitheatre

Join Now.



Eclipse’s own Dave Besley will be playing with his old friend Bob, this weekend. Check out this Bob Margolin Interview from Sarah Lundgren with Community Lifefor “The Brunswick News” about the upcoming Americana festival at Sea Jays.


Sarah: Can you give me just a brief history on how you got involved in music?
Bob: I am 62 years old and was raised near Boston. I started playing guitar when I was 15, inspired by Chuck Berry, and played in local bands. Soon I followed the path of Chuck Berry’s inspiration back to Blues music. I fell in deep and haven’t crawled out yet. In 1973, I joined Muddy Waters’ band and learned from him as a Middle Ages apprentice learns from a master. I used what I learned from this charismatic legend both to support him on the bandstand and for my own foundation as a musician. I started my own band in 1980 and have been on the road ever since. I just returned from a 10-day tour of Italy, playing with Italian musicians. American music is played well and appreciated by music lovers all over the world.

Sarah: What does blues and Americana music mean to you personally?
Bob: They are wrapped up in each other, and as everyone will see this weekend, I think the array of styles will bring out the best in the players. I remember that certainly happened at The Last Waltz, the concert and movie of The Band’s farewell concert in the mid-1970s. I was there to play with Muddy Waters plus The Band and Paul Butterfield. We played Blues, but all kinds of “Americana” was represented at that concert before that term was invented — from Ringo Starr to Joni Mitchell to Neil Young to Bob Dylan to Eric Clapton. I think our concert this weekend will feel like that open mixing again.

Sarah: What are you most looking forward to about the festival?
Bob: The jamming should really rock! I am looking forward to playing with my old friend David Besley. On the strength of his natural musicianship rather than Blues knowledge, he did gigs with me over 30 years ago on bass and we had a great time playing together. I’m so proud he invited me to this festival. I’ll bet that what we have learned apart since those old days will bring out a new and exciting combination of our music. David was playing mostly bass a long time ago, but since then his singing, songwriting, acoustic guitar playing, and advanced musical taste are very impressive. I keep up with his progress by listening to his recordings. I can’t wait to play with David and his friends!

Sarah: What do you hope people experience?
Bob: They will see how much fun we have exploring music together and I hope the good times we have on the bandstand will be an enjoyable adventure for them too.

Sarah: If there’s anything else you think I should know, feel free to add it!! Thanks again!
Bob: There will be a lot more than musicians staring at each other and crafting music together. There’s entertainment in the way we sing and solo and involve the audience with our lyrics and performance. I really enjoy the way our music can inspire young folks — I know a lot of teenage Blues players who have the same fire to play as the legends I knew did. A festival like this can bring all kinds of people together. When the band and the audience are rockin’, nothing hurts and nothing else matters.


In The Studio

Vinnie Jacobs and Steve Bennett.

3-23-12 014 3-23-12 015

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Video Shoot at the University of St. Augustine. A big thank you to our good friend Kay Saghir.

photo (80) photo (82)

photo (85)photo (81)

photo (83)photo (84)

Dave Besley and Woody Pernell

photo (86)

Some pictures from the Todd and Molly Jones Session. Todd says, “We’re having fun in the studio”.

photo (87) photo (88)

photo (89) photo (90)

photo (91) photo101