Thursday, April 15, 2010

Many talented musicians in the studio this week…

Son Powers (pictured below with Harmony Cornett and Dan Bagan) came in to do final mixes on his soon to be released CD, “Strike You Down.”

Son Powers, Harmony Cornett and Dan Bagan at Eclipse Recording CompanyVisit the link below to check out his music:

CD Baby:

Eclipse On-line Store:

Sharon Mull and Rege Lark at Eclipse Recording Company(above) Sharon Mull and Rege Lark were in the studio finalizing the details of his video, shot at Eclipse, to be submitted to the ASCAP Convention held in Las Angeles, April 22-25!

“Good Luck Rege!”

Check out his links below:


Eclipse Recording’s Online

CD Baby:

View his video submission on Eclipse Recording’s YouTube Channel:

Russell George, Sharon Mull and Jim Stafford at Eclipse Recording Company(above) Russell George with Sharon and Jim Stafford. Russell was in the studio getting some copies of one of his CD’s that we transferred from Vinyl. He also picked up tracks for his violin session on Monday.

Steve Bennett and Dan Bagan at Eclipse Recording Company(above) Steve Bennett behind Dan Bagan. Steve was in going over designs for his up coming CD, “Vinny Vance Summer Camp.”

Joseph Kirby at Eclipse Recording Company(above) Joseph Kirby, on the studio Steinway. He came in to discuss details about his new project.

consequently, Joseph knew Jim’s youngest daughter, Sonata from Sebastian Middle School here in Florida!

Get to know more about Joseph and his music on his Facebook below:


Eclipse is proud to be a sponsor for the Gamble Rogers Folk Festival again this year. You won’t want to miss it…

Eclipse Recording Company  is a proud sponser of the Gamble Rogers Folk Festival

April 30- May 2, 2010


Buy tickets locally at the
St. Augustine Amphitheatre Box Office

1340C A1A South

St. Augustine, FL 32080

Telephone 904-209-0367

Click here for box office hours

Click here to visit the Gamble Rogers Website


Eclipse has a new store packed with merchandise.

new jacket from Eclipse Recording Company

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