Friday, September 9, 2011

Another GREAT Week at Eclipse!

(below) Frankie Urzetta, Wayne Johnston and Tommy Gilstrap. Frankie’s CD is progressing nicely. We will be adding Ponte Vedra Presbyterian’s Youth Singers next Wednesday. Stay tuned for that picture.

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(below) Jim with his old friend, Stas. He came all the way from New Hampshire to work with us. It was a great pleasure to see him again. Back in the day he and Melody (Jim’s daughter) performed on stage together.

09-09-2011 005

(below) Gabriel “The Storm” Jarrett. This amazing 7 year old is rocking the world! He has performed on the Wendy Williams Show, the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the CMA Awards and tonight at the Atlanta Speedway.

Click the link below to pick up his newest release, “Everything”

This song was written & performed by Mark Dobies and recorded here at Eclipse.

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09-09-2011 015

(below) To help celebrate his 55th Wedding Anniversary with Molly Anne. Aubrey May recorded an 18 song CD entitled “Lasting Love Songs”. These two remarkable people have been together virtually their entire lives and working side by side the entire time.



(below) Jim Stafford with his daughters and grandson. Harmony, Sonata, Rhapsody and Seattle.


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