Wednesday, April 1, 2015

FROM THE STUDIO - Little Mike & The Tornadoes, Dennis Hopper, April Fools from Grateful Dead History, an Update on Joni Mitchell, and meet our New Blog Author

This week at the studio:

Little Mike & The Tornadoes

Recording session featuring Zora Young and Tony O.

Little Mike

Mike installing his pre-World War II RCA tubes that he uses only for recording! (left)

 Tony O.

Brad Vickers

 Rob Piazza

Jim McKaba

 Zora Young


April Fools! from Grateful Dead (1980)

On April Fool's Day 35 years ago, Grateful Dead took the stage at Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ, but, this time, the band members all took different instruments. In their unusual configuration, they played "The Promised Land." When they finished playing the members each returned to their respectful instruments and... played "The Promised Land" once again! (Audio of the show can be found here on

2015 Lions Club Seafood Festival



Joni Mitchell (she's okay!)

Joni Mitchell had recently been hospitalized after having been found unconscious in her home. She is currently in intensive care and undergoing tests.

Meet our New Blog Author

I'm Austin Green, the newest addition here at Eclipse Recording, and I'm here to keep the internet up to date on all things Eclipse. 

Contact me at

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