Friday, December 11, 2009

“Install Me” Bernie “Son” Powers new CD release!

Bernie “Son” Powers (pictured below with Krysta Brown and Harmony Cornett) has just released his new CD, “Install Me!” With the help of Rob Piazza this CD is one of a kind.

Krysta Brown, Bernie "Son" Powers and Harmony Cornett at Eclipse Recording Company

This CD will be available soon on CD Baby and the Eclipse Recording Online Store. So check back for updates.

Install Me CD at Eclipse Recording CompanyCall Eclipse today to order your copy!


Krysta Brown (project manager for Eclipse) is pictured below with Mike Hart. He was one of the contributors on the 2009 Christmas album. In fact, Mike who is a very talented songwriter and blues guitarist, has written an original composition for each of the 8 annual Eclipse Christmas charity CD’s.

Krysta Brown and Mike Hart at Eclipse Recording CompanyThis years song is called, ”Santa’s Alright” with Tom Santoni, Morley Lowbead and Vanessa Lunsford!

Thanks Mike for all you do!

Check out his music on his Myspace site!

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