Friday, February 5, 2010

The new Eclipse Store is now open!Richie Havens in Concert!

Come on in! Feel free to browse the new online store full of CD’s by your favorite artists from Eclipse!

The new online store features more CD’s and 2 ways to search for your favorite artist, by Genre or alphabetically!

The new Store at Eclipse Recording Company! online!Click Here to Visit the new store!

All of the artists below are listed in our store, you can listen to samples of everyone of them if you want!

  • Ken Anoff
  • Alex Austin
  • David Watt Besley
  • Blues Agave
  • Alianna Boone
  • Marilyn Boren
  • Billy Bowers
  • Rob Bulmer
  • Martha Bush
  • Ed Carrasquillo
  • Jim Carrick
  • Jim Carrick
  • Jim Carrick
  • Mickey Cash and Dewey Via
  • Jim Essery – Unplugged
  • The Exchange
  • Gamble Rogers Folk Festival
  • Willie Green
  • Reginald Hache
  • Chuck Hardwick
  • Daulton Harris
  • Mark Hart
  • The Haszards
  • Bobby Hicks
  • Bobby Hicks
  • Magda Hiller
  • Rege Lark
  • Stephen and Friends
  • John Martindale
  • Matanzas
  • Nightfall
  • Shannon O’Keefe
  • Sam Pacetti
  • Bob and Joline’s Friends of Mine Band
  • Rob Ellis Peck
  • Nigel Pickering
  • David Pooler
  • William H. Powell
  • Son Powers
  • Charles Robertson
  • Tony Scozzaro
  • Uma Seaman
  • Spanky & Our Gang
  • Anastasia Spiecker
  • Swompers
  • Those Guys
  • Those Guys
  • Tom Tutten
  • Rocky Vance
  • Marisella Veiga
  • Wharfratz

Tom Pisani at Eclipse Recording Company!Tom Pisani (above) “You got to break it to fix it!”

Son Powers and Rob Piazza at Eclipse Recording Company(above) Rob Piazza and Bernie “Son” Powers were in the studio working on a new song “Crab Pulsar Blues” among others for their new album.

Next Thursday (Feb. 11th) is a show you won’t want to miss!

Richie Havens is set to perform with Gove Scrivenor at the Flagler Auditorium. This show will be a benefit for the Gamble Rogers Folk Festival.

Gates open at 6:00 pm | Show Starts at 7:00 pm

Tickets: $35.00

Ritchie Havens

Click the link below for more information:

or purchase tickets by Clicking HERE!

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