Monday, February 1, 2010

Just your average week at Eclipse…Not!

On the link below you will find a wonderful tribute to the Manning Family called “Archie’s Boy” with music and lyrics by Ray Kayanek.

With Peyton Manning’s appearance in the Super Bowl less than 1 week away and in his home town of New Orleans, including this tribute seemed very timely.×9n-IV0

Ray says, “I wrote the song about 2 years ago, when the Colts played against the Bears. I got the idea from a Reebok commercial Peyton Manning did. They asked him, “When did you know that you were good?” and Peyton answered, “When people stopped calling me Archie’s boy.”

Peyton’s father was a great quarterback for the Saints. This Superbowl is special, because Peyton will be playing against his father’s old team. Ray’s son, Nick is quite talented with making videos. He put together the video from any memorabilia he could find.

The song “Archie’s Boy” was played in the Jacksonville Pre-game show on CBS 47.

Kris Phillips, Jim Stafford and Ray Kayanek on 1240 wfoy newsKris Phillips (above, between Jim Stafford and Ray Kayanek) were guests on Kris’s show on WFOY 1240 to feature the this years charity Christmas CD.

Sarah Fogle (below) who has just been accepted to N.Y.U. for College, was in the studio working on her scholarship audition recording.

Sarah Fogle at Eclipse Recording CompanyShe brought her mom (below) in for support!

Sarah Fogle at Eclipse Recording CompanyJim celebrated the birthday of a very special 6-year-old (his grandson Taylor below)!

Rhapsody and Taylor! (above) Rhapsody (Jim’s daughter) and Taylor blowing out the trick candles!

Grampa Jim and Grandma Inga also spent some time with their other grandson, Seattle (below) They took him and his father, Hugo Mongelo to the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus.

Jim Stafford of Eclipse Recording Company at the Circus

Click on the link below to see where you can catch the next Circus:

Jim Stafford, Inga Erickson and Seattle Mongelo at the Circus

(above) Inga, Seattle and Jim Stafford.

Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus 2009, from Eclipse Recording Company

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