Friday, May 14, 2010

The music scene at Eclipse…

Jim did a remote recording for “Native Tung” at Pizza Alley’s, downtown St. Augustine!

photo by Tami Johns(above) Michael Howard and Woody Pernell

Eclipse Recording Company/ Photo by Tami Johns(above) Michael

photo by Tami Johns(below) Woody

photo by Tami Johns(below) Michael and Woody

photo by Tami Johns

photo by Tami Johns

All photos (above) shot by Tami Johns

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Laura Highsmith (below) was in the studio to meet with Jim about an exciting new annual event for St. Augustine!

Eclipse Recording CompanyRon Osedach brought in some of his new mixes for mastering

Eclipse Recording CompanyRob Piazza (below with Jim) came in the studio to pick up the new Son Powers album “Strike You Down”!

Eclipse Recording CompanyEclipse would like to welcome Trevor Wilson, our new intern (below)

Trevor Wilson at Eclipse Recording CompanyHarmony and Trevor (below) completing a big order for Lifeware Tek in time for the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago, next week!

Trevor Wilson at Eclipse Recording Company(below) Saxman (and cartoonist) Mick Stevens was in the studio. You can tell he’s a Saxman because of the glasses and cool hat

Eclipse Recording CompanyJoe Murphy (below) met with Jim Stafford, Dan Bagan and Matt Jeffs about some new video applications

Eclipse Recording CompanyMatt Jeffs (below)

Eclipse Recording CompanyMarjorie Taylor and Dave Hall (below) were in the studio with Dan Bagan, working on some new media marketing ideas

 Marjorie Taylor and Dave Hall at Eclipse Recording CompanyFor more information, click the links below:

(below) Lizzie Hastings, Katherine Archer, Chelsea Saddler and Matthew 5!

Eclipse Recording CompanyThey were in the studio working on a new song inspired by the tragic oil spill…details coming soon!

Check out Chelsea’s Website below:

Eclipse Recording CompanyScott Waters with Jim Stafford (pictured above) working on the Mac!


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