Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Tough Times Have Nothing on the Blues..."

Eclipse Recording Artist, Willie Green was featured on the cover of this years “Blues Festival Guide” Magazine. Bonnie Raitt was featured in last years issue.

Eclipse Recording CompanyRick Ambrose (below) came in to pick up some more copies of their CD, “Willie Green Blues Project”

Eclipse Recording CompanyThis CD is available in our online store!

You can find more info. on Willie Green at williegreenblues.com

Steve Corliss Bryant surprised Jim Stafford at Eclipse with this signed “Moody Blues” drum head, on the release of Steve’s album “The American”.

“Thanks Steve!”

Signed Moody Blues Drum Head, a gift from Steve Corliss Bryant, at Eclipse Recording Company“The American” (below)

"The American" by Steve Corliss BryantSteve Corliss Bryant (below) with Kurt Johnston.

Steve Corliss Bryant with kurt Johnston at Eclipse Recording CompanySpeaking of Kurt…

He was in the studio working on Dave Besley’s “Hopeless Romantic”

Kurt JohnstonDave Besley (below) added a new song “Livin’ in my Head” to his new album.

Dave BesleyEddie Pickett (below with Dave) added some mandolin parts to Dave’s new album

Dave Besley and Eddie PickettEddie travels here from Jekyll Island to record!

Dave BesleyJack Pierson (below) was in the studio picking up the new “St. Augustine Jazz Festival, 2009″ CD. He brought his dogs to say hi!

Jack Pierson and his dogsThe CD, “The St. Augustine Jazz Festival- 2009″ below

Some of the “Airborne” staff (below) popped in for a meeting to discuss upcoming episodes of “Airborne with Matt Jeffs Live”(now filmed at Eclipse).

Click HERE to watch an episode of the show!

Meeting at Eclipse(left to right) Chris Schaeffer, Kay Seguir and Matt Jeffs.


A blast from the past…

Eskimo Nell presents Kill Devil from Eclipse Jim collected up some old “Kill Devil” memorabilia at the request of his old band mate Ray Richardson. This poster was from a show “Kill Devil” did at Eskimo Nell’s in Fairfax a million years ago.

Eclipse has a new store packed with merchandise.

new jacket from Eclipse Recording Company

We will feature some items in each blog! Visit the link below to order:


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