Friday, May 20, 2011

It has been a busy few weeks...

The Gamble Rogers Folk Festival went off without a hitch. Thank you to all our friends who showed their support. Enjoy some photos below from the De Mesa Yard of the old Spanish Quarter, one of the stages we provided sound for

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There have been many new developments in the studio the past few weeks…

(below) Trevor passes the baton to Chris


(below) Jim Stafford’s youngest daughter, Sonata came to visit us from Seattle, Washington


(below) TV producer, Robert Black, doing voiceovers for Home Depot and the Colorado Lottery

05-20-11 004

(below) Harmony and Lynnette Wadsworth finishing up Lynnette’s website, (Available soon)


(below) “The Bocats”

05-20-11 006

(below) Jim Stafford in the control room, recording

“The Knights To Remember”

05-20-11 008

05-20-11 009 05-20-11 014


(below) Jim Carrick (formerly great guitarist now reduced to being a guitar tech for his daughter) tuning Rachel’s guitar

05-20-11 024 05-20-11 025

(below) Kurt Johnston with Eclipse’s newest intern Mark Dobies

05-20-11 028

(below) Two Kool kids

05-20-11 029

(below) Steve Piscitelli picking up a re-order of his CD’s

05-20-11 032

(below) Dave Besley with Eddie Pickett

05-20-11 033

(below) Mark Hart at the live recording we did at “The Tradewinds”

05-20-11 039

Rachel and master Cellist Betsy Federman

05-20-11 045

Guitar Tech, Jim daughter Rachel and the videographer Jamie Defrates

05-20-11 047 05-20-11 048

(below) “The Reministyx”

05-20-11 049


(below) bride to be Meghan Moore

05-20-11 050


(below) Dom Mecurio and John Freeman plotting with Inga about next years Seafood Festival

05-20-11 051

(below) insert


(below) old friend and motivation guru, Vic Johnson, his wife Lisa with Jim and Inga


(below) Jim and Inga judged the semi-finals and finals of this exciting event and congratulations to our winners Marianne and Janine!



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