Friday, May 27, 2011

A Warrant for Jim Stafford’s Arrest…

“I’m going behind bars for good!”


A warrant has been issued for my arrest! As one of the area’s “Most Wanted.” I’ve been arrested and will be put in jail for theMuscular Dystrophy Association (MDA).

I’m going to be “locked up” on June 16th to benefit MDA.

Don’t even bother asking what crime I’ve committed– it’s not really important. I just have to raise my bail of $3200 before the Lock-Up and they’ll go easy on me.

Click Here to help me get out of jail!


Please join us and support Rachel’s effort!

Rachel Carrick"Hi! My name is Rachel Carrick. I am 14 years old and live in St. Augustine, Florida.

I am trying to raise money for the American Red Cross to help victims of the terrible tornados that devastated the southeast in April. My goal is to raise $25,000. If 5,000 people contribute $5 each I will reach that goal.

I am a songwriter and guitarist so I wrote this song hoping that it might help me reach my goal.

I hope you are able to help. I thank you for your support."


Click here to donate

Her father, Jim Carrick, a current member of the 60′s group, Spanky & Our Gang, a talented singer songwriter in his own right, began teaching her at the age of 7.

Peter Guinta from The St. Augustine Record wrote a great article on her for this weeks newspaper.

Click below to read the full story.

Music from the heart: "Treasure Beach teen’s song helps raise money for tornado victims"

Rachel Carrick ~"Home"

Click any of the links below to find out more:

The St. Augustine Record’s write-up “From The Heart”



Recently in the studio…

“The Knights to Remember”

5-27-2011b 003

(below) Brent Byrd

5-27-2011b 007

“The Reministyx” with Jim Stafford

5-27-2011b 009

“The Reministyx” with Chris Schaefer5-27-2011b 018

(below) Andrea Marquis and Las Vegas Comedian and Impressionist, Ken Block

5-27-2011b 010

The Bocats (Before) with Jim Carrick on Bass


The Bocats (After)

5-27-2011b 014

Jim Carrick (After)


We are looking forward to working with Yvette Richardson and Michael of Old City Life Magazine

5-27-2011b 016

(Below) Joe Santana (pictured below with Chris Chaefer) ordering more CD’s already! “Way to go, Joe!”

5-27-2011b 019

“3 N Motion” dance group

5-27-2011b 021 5-27-2011b 022

Violin virtuoso John Henry Gates recording for our budding starlit, Rachel Carrick




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