Thursday, June 25, 2009

"I love it here!" Says Stephen Lynch

For a day job, Stephen is a U.S. Department of Defense Civilian official stationed in Washington D.C.
Stephen is inspired by life experiences, and "my lady Terri, spanning back 25 years, she has a lot to do with it." He says (smiling) "I love it here, if only I could quit my government job in Washington, and live here and make music in Saint Augustine, it would redirect my life."

Jim Stafford of Eclipse says of Stephen Lynch, "one of the great things I have found in owning Eclipse, is the wonderful friendships that develop out of working with many of our clients a perfect example of this, is the special friendship I have with Steve and his family. All of us here at Eclipse wish him and Terri years of happiness on their upcoming wedding."

Stephen loves hearing from his friends and fans!

You can listen to his music, and more by visiting or CLICK HERE!

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