Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bernie “Son” Powers and Rob Piazza in the studio

Bernie “Son” Powers and Rob Piazza (below) were in the studio laying down some drum tracks for Bernie’s next CD. Rob says ”We have 12 new songs ready to go for the new CD. Our newest CD, “Install Me” has only been available for a month and we are getting great feedback. Bernie is going to put it on CD Baby soon. We are really happy with the latest CD and excited about the next one.”

Bernie Son Powers and Rob Piazza at Eclipse Recording CompanyRob (on the studio drums below)

Rob Piazza on the studio drums at Eclipse Recording Company

You can purchase Bernie’s latest CD, “Install Me” below:

Click HERE to buy CD!

Rob Peck and Jim Carrick at Eclipse Recording CompanyRob Peck stopped by the studio, (pictured above with Jim Carrick) as Spanky McFarlane (below) was working on a duet with the late Denny Doherty. She was working with “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling” originally tracked in the early 70’s. She and Denny had worked together for many years in the Mamas and the Papas.

Spanky McFarlane at Eclipse Recording COmpanyFollow this blog to get updates on Spanky and Our Gang or visit their website below:

Dave Besley (below) recorded a new song called “Por-Dum.” he says “When you’re poor and broke, you suffer from Por-dum.”

Dave Besley of Those Guys at Eclipse Recording Company

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