Friday, January 29, 2010


Steve Bennett was in the studio (below) with John McGee
Steve Bennett at Eclipse Recording CompanyAs some of you may already know, Steve is one of the first clients to walk through the doors of Eclipse many years ago…If you browse this blog you will see him working with many artists including Vinny Jacobs and Walt Kulwicki. He also performs on the charity Christmas CD every year!

Steve Bennett at Eclipse Recording CompanyLynnette Wadsworth (below) was in the studio working on a new latin freestyle for Dressage horse routines.

Lynnette Wadsworth at Eclipse Recording CompanyRob Piazza (below) was in the studio with Bernie “Son” Powers (not pictured)

Rob Piazza at Eclipse Recording CompanyRob is holding up three of his iron crosses that he has been awarded for his work on Bernie “Son” Powers new album “Install Me.” They are vintage 1960’s decals from Big Daddy Roth, from the Son Powers collection of vintage Ed Roth memorabilia.

Rob says, “working with Bernie has been real fun. We are doing what we set out to do and people will find it interesting if they have an open mind.”

Install Me is now available on CD BABY Click the link below to listen to song samples or purchase the CD:

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