Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The St. Augustine Record and St. has teamed up with Eclipse Recording Company to bring you Airborne with Matt Jeffs live online!

Today was a busy day with the filming of the first installment of Airborne at Eclipse Recording Company

Dan Bagan filming at Eclipse Recording CompanyDan Bagan (above) is setting up his gear. Dan is the videographer for this new series.

Jim Stafford will be featured today, for their first episode at Eclipse!

Matt Jeffs and Chris Shaeffer at Eclipse Recording Company(above) Matt Jeffs with Chris Shaeffer of the St. Augustine Record.

Matt says, “We are really excited about this collaboration we are sure it will be beneficial to all parties involved. It’s a chance for our community to have a voice in a larger world, so to speak. We will bring people from all walks of life, from community leaders to everyday people in our community and even a celebrity or two. Eclipse recording brings to us all of the advantages of a state of the art production facility which is sure to improve our production values and bring our audience a higher quality product.”

Dan Bagan and Chris Shaeffer of the St. Augustine Record at Eclipse Recording Company

Dan Bagan and Chris Shaefer (above) just before the show.

Visit to view the first installment of this show.

Rob Piazza and Bernie “Son” Powers were in the studio recording some tunes for their next album, “Wide Asleep.” Bernie says, “Rob has been working really hard on the drum parts, there is a very difficult 7/4 time signature on this song, “One Day.”

Bernie "Son" Powers at Eclipse Recording CompanyBernie singing (above)
Rob Piazza at Eclipse Recording CompanyRob Piazza on the studio drums (above)

You can purchase Bernie’s latest CD, “Install Me” below:

Click HERE to buy CD!

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