Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bridge of Lions meets Band of Brothers…

Eclipse Media Power was given the opportunity to shoot video at the Bridge of Lions, on the eve of its much-anticipated re-opening.

We filmed an episode of Airborne with Paul Williamson and St. Augustine’s director of public affairs and Laurie Sanderson (spokesperson for the Bridge of Lions project). Matt Jeffs and Paul Williamson (below)

Laurie then took videographer, Dan Bagan and Jim Stafford on to the new Bridge of Lions where they were able to admire the results of the last 5 years.

(above) Matt Jeffs and Laurie Sanderson

(above) Dan Bagan

(above) The new and improved Bridge of Lions

(above) Laurie Sanderson and Jim Stafford

The Bridge of Lions opened St. Patrick’s Day!

(above) Jim Stafford and Dan Bagan waiting for the Bridge to open on the left.

Dan Bagan and Jim Stafford were on hand to shoot the “27 Club” that were the first pedestrians to cross the brand new bridge.

(above) “The 27 Club”

The original bridge of lions opened in 1927 thus, the “27 Club” that were the first to cross the bridge were chosen from more than seven hundred requests. Following the group of 27 were one vehicle from every decade since the 1920’s.

(below) A good shot of the bridge

Eclipse Media Power recorded audio and video of ”The US Army Materiel Command Band”. Selections included pieces by John Phillips Sousa and excerpts from the HBO series “Band of Brothers.” Below are some images from the Audio Video Recording made by Eclipse…

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