Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Many exciting projects in the works at Eclipse…

Dan Bagan and Julie Lee at Eclipse Recording Company(above) Dan Bagan with Julie Lee, Director of Public Relations for Petros Financial, was in discussing the video for their Women’s Worth Program. It is designed to provide lifetime financial planning for single women.

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Stacey Hume at Eclipse Recording Company(above) Stacey Hume, who has been part of the Eclipse family for ten years, stopped in to tell us about an exciting new chapter of her life.

She will be traveling all over the world as a missionary. She is going to Haiti this weekend to help with the relief effort. We invite everyone to support her on her upcoming journey.

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Eclipse will be periodically updating you with photos and information on her travels, so check back often!

Jim Wall at Eclipse Recording Company(above) Richard Wall was in the studio teaching us how to speak

Dave Besley at Eclipse Recording Company(above) Dave Besley was adding the guitar intro to his new tune “On the Road to Find Out” and demoing a new tune called, “Mr. Song”

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