Thursday, March 18, 2010

Today’s news…

Eddie Pickett and Dave Besley at Eclipse Recording Company(above) Eddie Pickett and Dave Besley. They were in the studio working together on Dave’s new solo album…coming soon

Dan Bagan, Michael Bergeron, Jim Stafford at Eclipse Recording Company(above) Dan Bagan, Michael Bergeron and Jim Stafford met to discuss some business plans. Michael said, “I was promoting the Seafood Festival and just ran into Jim [Stafford].”

Rege Lark at Eclipse Recording Company(above) Rege Lark came in to design his new CD with Krysta Brown (not pictured) Eclipse’s own Project Manager

John Hankinson at Eclipse Recording Company(above) John Hankinson was in the studio mixing “Johnny Matanzas and the Hombres” and promoting his Spring Bacchanalia.

Eclipse has a new store packed with merchandise.

Eclipse Recording Company Merchandise for Sale

We will feature some items in each blog! Visit the link below to order:

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