Friday, February 10, 2012

We Are The People...

We really enjoyed mixing this delightful CD of songs from two fine writers who truly care.

Bill and Eli Perras have gotten great reviews of their new CD called, “We Are The People”.

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Casey Leydon, artist and creator of this outstanding historic St. Augustine Art Map, was in planning the music for the video to promote his exciting project. His vision has come to life, it is truly from his heart and will benefit the United Way. Eclipse is proud to be able to participate in the soundtrack.

photo (19)

This is the Drinking Part of the Song

Mark Hart has just given the final approval on his new CD, which goes into print today!

This record was recorded LIVE at the famous Tropical Tradewinds Lounge

Mark Hart Drinking Part of Song FRONT

Steve Bennett and Johnny Doering. Steve and Johnny recorded the initial tracks on 2 new songs. Steve is the leader of the Vinny Vance Band and Johnny owns “JT’s Seafood” restaurant in the Hammocks.

photo (17)

Frankie Urzetta was in adding drums to Randy Massey’s song “Yesterday”.

photo (27)

Brady Green and his rare Baldwin Bass.

Jim says, “Brady and I both tried to date this Bass but Baldwin doesn’t have any records that they have ever made any electric Basses. It’s a great sounding instrument!”

photo (24)

Here is the real deal, a 1952 Fender Telecaster, part of Brady’s great collection. Dave Besley was caught trying to steal it.

photo (21)

“He rode to glory on a Fender”…”

photo (16)

“Telecaster? Stratocaster?”

Kurt Johnston came in with his beautiful vintage Double10 SHO-BUD for master songwriter John Dickie

photo (28)

Kurt with his SHO-BUD

photo (26)

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