Monday, February 20, 2012

Todd and Molly are in the house…

Todd and Molly Jones began work on their first professionally recorded CD. They have a great local fan base which we expect will expand regionally on the completion of this project. They are both talented songwriters and their songs feature harmonies that blend beautifully. Work on this project continues this week.


Rob Peck brought in the sole remaining copy of the 1st album he was on called “The SinkHole Tapes” Although it is circa 1983 you can hear the soulfulness that has become Rob’s trademark sound. He also was in re-ordering his CD, recorded at Eclipse called “Live Finally” which has been hugely successful. Sales have already exceeded 5000 copies.


photo (30)

John Dickie continued his project with the help of band mate Michael Elias.
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Kurt Johnston was in finalizing “Circle of Fire” for Stephen Lynch’s 3rd album which we expect to release in April.

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Taylor McCloud came in to rock the house on drums and vocals. This talented young artist will be pursuing both music and video in school.

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Gilbert and Ayuba, both from Nigeria, recorded all the tracks and sang a song Ayuba wrote to accompany a Nigerian folk dance.

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