Friday, February 24, 2012

And The Winner is…

The Ancient City Slickers Will be performing at the “Jacksonville Landing” on March 7, 2012 between 5 and 9 pm. In the final phase of the “JaxTalent 2012″ competition. There won’t be scheduled performance times until all contestants are signed in at the “Landing” site. The first performances are limited to 3 minutes for each act and the judging will include performance, showmanship and audience reaction.


There will be 3 acts chosen for the winner-take-all $5000 prize. It is the audience reaction is where the support of a bus load or two of St Augustine and St Johns County folk would be a huge help in cementing our chance at winning. This audience element could make a difference, since it is probable that the Jacksonville folk will be dominant….We’re ready to charge ahead in any case, but any additional noise in our favor would be welcome. ( Thanks for your support in the voting…now it’s crunch time for us….)

Cable Spence…(AKA) Ancient City Slickers



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New Image11

Taylor McCloud and his posse showing us how they feel about “the serious side of life”.

photo (40)

Michael Cunningham and Jim planning political strategies.

photo (41)

Work continued on John Dickies CD he is shown here with the brain-trust of Michael and Leo.

photo (42)

Representing the Jones gang, we have Molly looking beautiful and Todd looking mischievous.

photo (44) photo (43)

Dave Besley and Brady Green

photo (45)

Engineer Zan The Man

photo (46)

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