Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Elizabeth Roth and the Grapes of Roth and Anastasia Spiecker giving to the Christmas project……..

The Grapes of Roth were in the studio recording a medley of John Lennon’s “Happy Christmas” into an instrumental “Little Drummer Boy”

Elizabeth Roth at Eclipse Recording Company

Elizabeth (above) says, “We had a fun time as usual, Thanks Jim!”

Matt Van Rysdam - lead guitar

Matt Van Rysdam (above) - lead guitar

Chris Spindler, drums

Chris Spindler (above) drums

Ace Ray, bass guitar

Ace Ray (above) bass guitar

Check out their Myspace for their Schedule, Photos and more…………


Jason Pratt of the Florida Times Union

Jason Pratt (left) of the Florida Times Union

Jason is the Multimedia Production Specialist for the Florida Times Union he came to Eclipse to record video on local musicians to post on the Times Union website!

Anastasia Spiecker at Eclipse Recording Company

Anastasia Spiecker came to the studio today to record “Have Yourself A Merry Christmas” for the St. Augustine Christmas CD by Eclipse Recording. This CD benefits the Empty Stocking Fund held by the St. Augustine Record.

She is preparing to go to Music Therapy School at FSU in January. She says, “I would like to develop musically and personally. I want to learn how I can help others to have a better quality of life through music.” She adds, “People respond to music over other things sometimes, I can see myself working in a hospital.”

Anastasia Spiecker at Eclipse Recording Company

Anastasia has a beautiful and inspiring blog documenting her cancer experiences (below):


You can also listen to her music and become friends on Myspace:


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