Monday, November 2, 2009

Willie Green and Spanky and our Gang get great album reviews.............

A popular magazine called “GoldMine” has published a sweet review on Spanky and our Gang’s, “Back Home Americana, Vol. 1″ recorded by Eclipse Recording Company.

Spanky and our gang at Eclipse Recording CompanyJoseph Tortelli at Goldmine magazine gives it 4 out of 5 stars!

He says, “Spanky McFarlane’s voice has grown richer, deeper and grittier than when the 25-year-old led the group to six consecutive hit singles for Mercury Records in 1967 and 1968. She sings a powerful version of “Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?,” a song the group first released on its eponymous debut LP over 40 years ago. Today, her pipes more effectively suggest the ironic desperation expressed in this Depression-era anthem that was introduced in a 1932 musical revue coincidentally titled “Americana.”

Click below to listen to this CD or Purchase at Eclipse Recording’s Online Store:

Spanky and our gang interview at Eclipse Recording(above) Spanky and Our Gang were interviewed after their CD release of “Back Home Americana, Vol. 1″ (recorded at Eclipse Recording Company)

Click below to see the full review:

Goldmine Magazine Review of Spanky and our Gang!

Jazz and Blues Magazine has published its November 2009 Edition which features, Eclipse Recording Artist, Willie Green!

Wille Green "Blues Project" recorded at Eclipse Recording Company(above) Willie Green “Blues Project” CD, recorded at Eclipse Recording Company. Jim Stafford would like to congratulate Willie Green on his continued success.

The magazine said, “Blues Project finds Green’s emotive vocals and textured harp-blowing out front of a full band on electric and acoustic tracks.”

Willie Green(above photo courtesy of billesmall) Willie Green

They go on to say, “From start to finish, Blues Project, which Willie Green dedicates to Florida author and folklorist Stetson Kennedy, is a celebration of life from a man who has seen his share of hard times. Fortunately, his legacy has been documented on some fine recordings, and Green sounds like there’s nothing he’d rather do than play music to make people dance and forget their troubles for a while.”

To view the entire review from Jazz and Blues Florida Magazine, click the link below:

It was business and pleasure for Jim Stafford (chief conspirator of Eclipse) this weekend, he brought Scott Sweet to the “Airborne with Matt Jeffs Live Show”

Matt Jeffs, Jim Stafford and Scott Sweet(above) Matt Jeffs, Jim Stafford and Scott Sweet.

Click on the link below to watch this Interview!

Visit the Eclipse Recording Company website for more information on our Saint Augustine Studio.

Then……..It was Halloween time with the Grandsons!

Taylor, Jim Stafford and Seattle!(left to right) Taylor, Grandpa (Jim Stafford) and Seattle on Halloween!

Eclipse had Kurt and Debbie Johnston in the studio today recording a Christmas song called “Emanuel” for this years St. Augustine Christmas Cd and for the Ponte Vedra Presbyterian Church.

The church will be hosting a nativity play called “Bethlehem.” It is open to the public on December 11th and 12th.

For more information please click the link below:

Kurt Johnston at Eclipse Recording CompanyKurt Johnston (above)

Debbie Johnston at Eclipse Recording CompanyDebbie Johnston (above) recording “Emanuel”

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  1. Hey there guys! Just wanted to post that it was once again a pleasure having you guys on Airborne with Matt Jeffs!

    Your artists bring an amazing dynamic to our show and the performaces are superb!

    Thank you all SO much for allowing us to bring your artists to our viewers!

    I am also now posting on the Airborne Blog (, so come take a look and I welcome any comments you may have.