Monday, November 9, 2009

Great Photos of The Lincolnville Festival this weekend!

The Eclipse Gear used for the Lincolnville FestivalFor the first time, Eclipse provided the sound reinforcement system and the lighting for the 29th annual Lincolnville Festival.

The Eclipse Gear used for the Lincolnville FestivalThe Stage

Lincolnville Festival

The Gear!

The Eclipse Gear used for the Lincolnville FestivalThe Setup!
Tom Pisani setting up at the Lincolnville Festival 2009Tom Pisani setting up!

Mickey Cash and Lick N Gravey BandMickey Cash and Lick N Gravey Band (above) Mickey Cash said, “Eclipse studios did a fantastic job with the sound and stage, it made the festival a pleasure!”

Visit their Myspace site:

Falling Bones at Lincolnville Festival 2009(above) The Falling Bones.

The Falling Bones is Rick Levy on guitar and vocals, Long John Higginbotham on harmonica and vocals

Rick says of the event, “Firstly, it is always a joy to play for our old and new fans. The sound was MUCH improved this year over past years, and that made playing much easier..and more fun. THE FALLING BONES always have fun, and when I get to play with WILLIE GREEN>.that’s an extra treat. That being said, I frankly did not like the events field as the venue for the Lincolnville Festival. The tradition of being in Lincolnville should be upheld, as I think the community vibe in a smaller area is much more family like. Hopefully some thought will go into future choices for venues.”

Rick Ambrose at the Lincolnville Festival 2009Rick Ambrose, Music Coordinator and Drummer for the Willie Green Blues Project Band

Rick Ambrose commented, “Almost every band came up to me and said, how well the sound was done and how clear it was to them. The monitors were perfect they could hear themselves, usually I don’t hear that from all the bands, as the coordinator. Willie G himself said he liked the way he could hear himself, it went really smooth. The crowd said, it was just the right volume unlike some festivals that were too loud. This one was just right, everything went on schedule. There were no hold ups or problems. There was no waiting around. The whole concert went right on schedule and on time. I was amazed.”

Willie Green at the Lincolnville Festival 2009Blues Legend Willie Green on Friday night!

Willie Green working the crowd at the Lincolnville Festival 2009Willie Green working the crowd on Saturday night!

Willie Green performing an acoustic set on Sunday at the Lincolnville Festival 2009

Willie Green doing an acoustic set on Sunday

Showtime USA at the Lincolnville Festival 2009Showtime USA performing at the Festival

Lonesome Bert and the Skinny Lizard Band at the Lincolnville Festival 2009Lonesome Bert and the Skinny Lizard Band

Chris Clark said, “Oh, the sound was spectacular, as far as festivals go, usually the sound is rubbish, but I couldn’t believe how I could hear everything so well.”

Linda Cole with the Linda Cole Trio at the Lincolnville Festival 2009Linda Cole with the Linda Cole Trio

Marilyn Boren, Linda Cole and Brenda at the Lincolnville Festival 2009Marilyn Boren (Jim Stafford’s Mom), Linda Cole and Brenda Denney.

reggae band Slice at the Lincolnville Festival 2009Reggae band Slice performed at the festival

Taylor and Grandpa Jim Stafford at the Lincolnville Festival 2009(above) Grandpa (Jim Stafford) and Taylor (Assistant Sound Engineer and his buddy the bear.)

Seattle and Grandpa (Jim Stafford) at the Lincolnville Festival 2009Seattle and Grandpa (Jim Stafford) saying Hi!

Jim says, “I really appreciated being a part of this historic event everyone was very professional and it was a pleasure to spend three days with them.”

Amy Alysia at the Lincolnville Festival 2009Amy Alysia performed at the Festival you can check out her website below:

The Fire Dancer entertainment between events at the Lincolnville Festival 2009The Fire Dancer entertainment, between events.

African Drum and Dance Group on Suday at the Lincolnville Festival 2009African Drum and Dance Group on Sunday

Mickey Cash and Dewey Via with Guest Drummer Rick AmbroseMickey Cash and Dewey Via with Guest Drummer Rick Ambrose!

Henry Turner Jr. and Flavor at the Lincolnville Festival 2009Henry Turner Jr. and Flavor (above) Check out their website (below)

Henry Turner Jr. and Flavor at the Lincolnville Festival 2009Henry Turner Jr. and Flavor

Doing the Limbo at the Lincolnville Festival 2009Doing the Limbo!

The Lincolnville Festival 2009JW Gilmore and the Blues Authority!

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