Monday, November 23, 2009

Mike Arbuthnot with the Travel Channel at Eclipse today!

Mike Arbuthnot (pictured below) was in the studio recording voice-over segments for two episodes of “Secret Worlds” for the Travel Channel. One is called “Rapa Nui” about Easter Island. The second one is called Anasazi.

Mike Arbuthnot at Eclipse Recording Company

He has worked on a number of programs for different networks including the Discovery Channel. Check out his episode for the “Titanic expedition” on the Discovery Channel Website below:

Mike Arbuthnot at Eclipse Recording Company for the Travel Channel

He has a Consulting Firm (info below). They offer ”Sustainably conscious consulting services. From designing educational programs for public awareness, to developing a patent pending environmental attribute tracking system, ESI provides our clients with the most innovative, science based solutions to address the most challenging environmental issues.”

Environmental Services, Inc.

2825 Lewis Speedway Ste 107

St. Augustine, Fl. 32084


Ron Dore was also in the studio Jim said they were “remixing the entire early catalogue of Scott Hamilton.”

Ron Dore at Eclipse Recording Company

Ron is an avid Jazz Collector and tenor/Sax aficionado.

Check out Eclipse Recording Company for more information on Eclipse Services:

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