Thursday, August 27, 2009

Martha Bush and another video shoot at Eclipse today

Martha Bush was in the studio yesterday, she is working on her first Christmas Album, of music from her pedal harp. Martha has been playing the harp since she was 11, she knew she wanted to learn an instrument but she wanted something more unique and challenging, her parents suggested the harp, because they loved the sound of it, and never really hear it unless it’s the background to a movie.

Martha Bush on the pedal harp at Eclipse Recording CompanyMartha says, “I am really happy to be in the studio again, experimenting with my own composition and my own music, before my move to Minnesota.” She goes on to say, “I will stay connected with Eclipse because I know that Jim (Stafford, owner of Eclipse) can still master and mix my songs from Florida.”

Martha has made 3 Videos of songs from her first album made at Eclipse entitled, “Have Harp Will Travel.”

You can find them in the link below:

Martha Bush on harp at Eclipse Recording StudioCheck out the Eclipse website below for updates, and more information on how you can get your music digitally mastered from anywhere in the world.


Or Call 904-794-1872 today!

We had another video shoot at Eclipse today, with the help of Dan Bagan, Francis, and Krysta Brown it was a success.

Dan Bagan, Krysta Brown, FrancisWe had Jim and Larry in the control room with a special guest, Millard Cooley from Sweet Corn Grits, who came to view the shoot.

“It was super-fun, I had a great time and can’t wait to do more,” said Krysta (pictured above, middle)

Larry Martin, Millard Cooley, Jim StaffordCheck out the Eclipse Website for updates and more information on Eclipse Recording Company

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