Friday, August 21, 2009

Victoria Horne and Rachel Chalmers in the studio!

Eclipse had Victoria Horne in the studio yesterday. Victoria just got back from Thailand, where she was singing and performing at the Bamboo Bar at the Hotel Manderin Oriental Bangkok. William Hurt, (an actor who was filming a movie in Thailand in March) was a guest there, and he heard Victoria sing along with a Russian Jazz Quartet.

Jessie Jackson Passed throught the halls, and heard Victoria singing and stopped in at the Bamboo Bar for a moment to listen. Jesse gave her a hello sign.

Victoria worked for years at Costa Cruises in Italy. She would do one woman shows on various ships.

Victoria also wrote 2 books, on named “New Horizon” and one named “My Horizon”, These books are coffee table books, with beautiful pictures of her travels. Photos below.

The Green Valley
The Green Valley

Victoria You can listen to her music, and read her story at her website, below

Jim Stafford says, “I live my life vicariously through her [Victoria's travels.] She is always a pleasure to have in the studio, and I enjoy the postcards she sends me.” Victoria was in the Eclipse studio recording 7 songs, from 4 years ago, so that she may post them on her website!

Victoria also has a Myspace (

Rachel chalmers

We also had Rachel Chalmers in the studio, she was referred to us by Kurt Johnston, Rachel was here today recording on her first project, a Demo Album she will be pitching to Nashville Tennessee.

Rachel Chalmers

Rachel has been singing since she was 3 years old. She also went to Douglas Anderson School of Arts, and is now a voice major at McNally Smith School of Music.

Rachel for updates!

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