Thursday, August 6, 2009

“I’m More Than That” with Chelsea Willbach

We had Chelsea Willbach in the studio yesterday. It is evident she has been singing since she was 3 years old!

Chelsea Willbach

She is performing the song “I’m More Than That” by Nightfall. On the subject of the music industry, Chelsea said, “My dream is to have my own album, and to be able to live my life doing what I love to do the most, singing and performing.”

Chelsea Willbach

Jim Stafford had much to say about Chelsea, “I had the pleasure of meeting her after she had sung at the wedding of our long time client and friend, Stephen Lynch. She is a very talented young lady, with aspirations of a career in the music industry.”

Chelsea Willbach

Jim went on to say, “We chose, as a vehicle to demo her voice, a song written by Rusty Springfield and recorded by Nightfall, “I’m More Than That.”

“She did a great job and we look forward to working with her again in a couple of weeks.” Said Stafford.

Chelsea Willbach

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