Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Eclipse had many musicians in the studio today………..

Ray Wixted, from Coquina Crossing was in this morning getting a head start on a “Compliment to the Chorus” CD for a Christmas show he will be directing at Coquina Crossing. This Christmas show will include a chorus of 70 voices!

Ray WixtedRay and his daughter Tracy made a CD at Eclipse several years ago called, “The Gift of Love.” ”That’s how I met Jim!” (referring to Jim Stafford, chief conspirator of Eclipse)

Visit the Coquina Crossing website for more information.

Eclipse also had David Pooler in working on the Design segment of his new CD, called “Seeking Asylum.”

David PoolerDavid Pooler’s CD release party will be on October 22, 2009

at 8:30 p.m.

1704 San Marco Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32207
Call (904) 398-9500 for more information.

Also, Eclipse is developing David’s website which will be available soon.

Eclipse had the pleasure of having Victoria Horne in again today, she was putting the final touches on the CD. This CD will be available at her website soon.


Visit EclipseRecording.Com for more updates, and information on our web services.

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