Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Joe Santana, Kurt Johnston and Sweet Corn Grits (just to name a few) in the studio………….

Eli Grimes and Kurt JohnstonEli Grimes and Kurt Johnston were in the studio. Eli wrote a beautiful song about St. Augustine. Kurt orchestrated 2 dozen parts.

Seattle and GrandpaSeattle stopped by to see his grandpa Jim and the Studio.

Millard, Larry and Jim(left to right) Millard Cooley, Larry Martin and Jim Stafford

Millard Cooley (Sweet Corn Grits) says, “I’m happy as long as it’s me and Jimmy Lee!”

We also had Steven Craig and Janell Marsh in the studio recording back up vocals for their new album.

Janell Marsh and Steven CraigSteven Craig plays Acoustic Guitar and Lead Vocals of That kind of man band, other members include:

Bass Guitar David Sullivan,

Lead Guitar Glenn Meyer,

Drums and Percussion Tinker Wingate,

Back Up Vocals Janell Marsh.

Janell MarshListen to their music at

Last but not least, we had Joe Santana in the studio……………………………..

Joe Santana (below) “has been a staple of the Biker Rally scene from Coast-to-Coast for nearly 20 Years running. Joe Santana’s Kingfish is currently touring the country at events near you.”

Joe Santana at Eclipse Recording CompanyYou can check out Joe at his website!

Alex the drummerAlex the drummer of the Joe Santana Band!

Collin of the Joe Santana Band!Collin of the Joe Santana Band!

Check out the Eclipse Website for Updates and great Photos!

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