Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tim and Sharon Haszard and Dave Besley in the studio………….

Tim and Sharon have been singing together for 40 years! This is their first CD together, this CD is kind of like a “comeback” CD.

Sharon Haszard“Music is the thread of harmony throughout our lives. Entertaining others since we were in our teens, we began singing folk music and progressed to bluegrass. Over the years, from a duo to a six piece band, we crossed over into country, country rock, and rock classics. While raising our three daughters, music became a vital element in our family’s life- and so it continues………………….” Says Tim and Sharon Haszard.

Tim HaszardThey own a small business, but would like to get gigs around town.

If you would like to book them please send inquiry’s to the email below:


Dave Besley (a member of Those Guys and Master Duplicator at Eclipse) was in the studio this time to lay down a scratch, vocal track for the song “It Won’t Be Long.” This is an original by Besley and will be featured on his 3rd CD, in his solo series.

Dave BesleyDave brought in his 1969 Martin Guitar that his father gave him, “as far as I know, 1969 was the last year they used Brazilian Rosewood on the guitars,” said Dave.

Dave Besley

Dave says of his recent projects, “I’m starting to get excited, Kurt Johnston is coming in soon to contribute to the CD, and we are going to start building tracks!”

Check out Dave Besley of Those Guys below:


Tim and Sharon Haszard were in the studio again finishing up some more tracks for their comeback CD!

Tim HaszardSharon Haszard

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