Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dan Bagan w/ Yitrinity, a Piano Tuning, Besley and Jim Miner

We had a lot of musicians and things going on today at Eclipse.

Trevor Wilson, Scott Buckingham, Ray Eme and Dan Bagan were in the studio to plan the live multi-track recording of the upcoming YITRINITY show on Friday Sept 4th at 7pm.

Jim Stafford (owner of Eclipse) will be doing a remote recording of this event! Don’t miss it.

Dan Bagan and YiTrinity group at Eclipse Recording Company

The show Will be in a great little garden just outside of the Plaza, in downtown St Augustine. The show will feature great young bands including EVERYBODY LOVES EVERYBODY and The SOULBIRDS. YITRINITY is a movement of young people pursuing passion for purpose.The show will be recorded and video taped for the Upcoming Eclipse Media Channel, DVD projects and many other exciting projects.

Eclipse Studios is a big supporter and sponsor of YITRINITY, the young people involved and their passion.

Dan Bagan and Yitrinity Group at Eclipse Recording Company

For more information or to get involved, visit their website below!

We had Jim Miner in the studio working on a song for Dave Besley’s “solo CD #2″ Jim and Dave have been writing songs, and making music together for 40 years! Their most recent song is called, “It Won’t Be Long.”

Jim Miner and Dave Besley at Eclipse Recording CompanyDave (pictured below) says, “The cool thing about this solo effort is getting all these great musicians involved to make the music that much better.”

Jim Miner and Dave Besley at Eclipse Recording CompanyVisit Dave Besley’s website at

Eclipse had Barry Drill in today to tune our Steinway (piano), Barry tunes it before every session. We don’t use anyone else because Barry is the best.

Barry Drill at Eclipse Recording CompanyIf you would like Barry to tune your piano you can email him below:

or give him a call! 904-823-9788

Barry Drill tuning the Steinway at Eclipse Recording Company before every session!

Eclipse Recording Company is now on YouTube, check out our Channel!

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