Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So many musicians, so little time………….

Dave Besley was in the studio today working on a new song he wrote with Barry Dunaway.

Dave Besley

Barry Dunaway is a very talented musician, he has worked with many other famous musicians like, Pat Travers, Joe Lynn Turner and he toured with Kiss. Barry layed down the bass tracks for the new song.

Barry Dunaway

Gove Scrivenor is also working on this song with Besley. Gove is another very talented musician who worked with John Prine, and you may remember him from his work on the popular PBS show called, Austin City Limits.

Gove Scrivenor

He is an old friend of Jim’s, he has worked with him many times at the Gamble Rogers Festival.

As many of you are aware………………The Decemberists are playing tonight at the St. Aug. Amphitheatre.

The Decemberists

JB of WFCF (“Good Morning Americana” 88.5, Saturday mornings from 9:30-12 noon) did a phone interview with Colin Malloy of The Decemberists from the studio of Eclipse Recording Company.

If you missed the interview you can still listen to it by following the link below, Enjoy!


We also had Uma in the studio today, she is shooting a video for her yoga class!

Uma and Dan Bagan

Uma Seaman is pictured above, with Videographer Dan Bagan. She has been doing Yoga for 25 years! She teaches Yoga to classes and groups.

She was referred to Eclipse by our good friend and client, Lynnette Wadsworth, who is featured in our other blogs.

If you would like an experienced Yoga teacher, call Uma at 904-669-1437

or email her at:


For more information on Eclipse Recording Company please visit our site!


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