Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Melody sang her heart out in the studio today………….

Melody a.k.a. Jim’s daughter a.k.a. Best Chef of St. Augustine (2 years in a row)! She came to record today, using a gift certificate she got from her birthday!

Melody StewartShe is recording original piano compositions with vocals. She began her music career with guitar at age 12, then took piano lessons with Marilyn Boren, (Jim Stafford’s Mom) at age 15!

Melody Stewart at Eclipse Recording CompanyShe is going to name her CD “Story of My life” Melody says, “Jim/Dad is a very talented engineer, and I trust his judgement, if he says I can learn Rhythm, then I can!”

Melody was Voted “The Best Chef of St. Augustine,” 2 years in a row by The St. Augustine Record. She works at a restaurant called, Collage downtown visit their website for more information!

Eclipse also welcomed Ron Dore and Barbera Jones. Ron is a good friend of Jim’s and a loyal Transfer Client of Eclipse Recording Company!

Ron Dore and Barbera JonesCheck out our website for updates and Info. on the studio

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