Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween Everyone!

We had Kurt Johnston in the studio working on Stephen Lynch’s 3rd CD (as of yet, unnamed.) He added Piano, Guitar and Organ parts today.

Kurt Johnston at Eclipse Recording Company(above) Kurt Johnston in the studio.

Hangtown Bar, Stephen Lynch and Friends

(above) “Hangtown Bar” by Stephen and Friends

Sunset Lady, Stephen Lynch and Friends

(above) “Sunset Lady” by Stephen and Friends

Mullet Run at Eclipse Recording Company!

We had Mullet Run in the studio. They traveled to St. Augustine last night to record a Christmas song for this years St. Augustine Christmas Charity CD.

Mullett Run at Eclipse Recording Company(left to right) Gerald Snyder, Barbie Beckford, Bill Snyder, Karen Newman and Mike Fairbrother.

Mullet Run at Eclipse Recording Company

They are Long-time clients and friends of Eclipse in the studio as well as Live at Festivals. Jim says, “They are wonderful musicians and so much fun to work with, and I thank them for wanting to participate in the project.”

Check out their website below:

Mullet Run at Eclipse Recording Company!

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