Friday, October 2, 2009

Awesome Friday!

Steve Bennett was in the studio recording some tracks for 3 great new tunes!

Steve Bennett at Eclipse Recording CompanyWe have a whole bunch of talented artists working on parts for Dave Besley’s 2nd solo CD!

Dave Besley, Kurt Johnston, Jim Stafford and Gove Scrivenor(left to right) Dave Besley, Kurt Johnston, Jim Stafford and Gove Scrivenor. The song they are working on today is called, “See you later, so long.” The song was written by Dave and Barry Dunaway.

Jim says, “The basic tracks were layed down with Dave and Gove playing and singing face to face, it has a real cool spontaneous groove.”

For more information on Gove visit his site:

Gove Scrivenor at Eclipse Recording Company!Gove, pictured above is adding a whistling part to the tune. Gove says, “This is a great project, and everyone makes it so worthwhile, it’s a real treat when I come here.”

Kurt Johnston stayed for the next session to work with Eli Grimes.

Eli Grimes at Eclipse Recording Company

They added some more background vocals and put the electric guitar track to his song called, “Pretty Little old St. Augustine”

Eli says, “you haven’t lived until you’ve seen St. Augustine!”

Visit for more info. on Eclipse Recording Company in St. Augustine.

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