Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kurt Johnston in the studio and more…………..

We had Kurt Johnston in the studio recording guitar parts for Eli Grimes.

Kurt Johnston at Eclipse Recording CompanyKurt was working with Eli Grimes on the new song, “Pretty Little Old St. Augustine.”

“This song is really turning out to be an anthem. Kurt has played every instrument… he really is a one man orchestra. We are at 70 tracks and counting, using songwriting as a canvas, this song perfectly paints a picture of St. Augustine, past and present. From the opening sounds of the beach, to the roar of the cannon at the fort and the Caribbean flavor throughout, this song captures St. Augustine more than any I’ve heard or recorded,” Said Engineer Jim Stafford.

Sadly, Jim (owner) was out of town the other day…………….. . . . but you can believe that Harmony and Krysta were hard at work!

SSSHHH………….Don’t Tell Him!

Krysta Brown napping at Eclipse

Harmony watching a movie at Eclipse

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