Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rick Ambrose Met with Bonnie Raitt to discuss The Willie Green Project

Rick Ambrose (long-time client of Eclipse) met with the Legendary Bonnie Raitt at the Hilton Hotel here in St. Augustine on Sunday (The day after her St. Augustine Amphitheater, show) to discuss Willie Green and talk to her about the Foundations she is involved with.

Bonnie Raitt

Rick says, “I showed her Willie’s old Kalamazoo guitar, and gave her all three of Willie’s CD’s (recorded and duplicated by Eclipse) and his DVD music video for her to watch on the bus.” St. Augustine was the last stop on her tour. Rick went on to say, “She was tired but very cordial. She was interested in Willie and his story.”

Bonnie Raitt on StageBonnie Raitt on stage (above)

We had Dr. Tracy Halcomb, director of the communications department of Flagler College, in with her audio production students for a tour and question and answer session with Jim. She brings her classes each semester and it is always a fun time. This year, one of her students, Chelsea (a DJ at WFCF flagler College Radio) turned out to be a middle school classmate of Jim’s daughter, Sonata.

Dr. Tracy Halcomb's Flagler Class at Eclipse Recording Company

In a previous blog posting you will find that Eclipse worked withDamona Waits from Willmington N.C. on their new Demo Cd.

Damona Waits CD Mastering Done By Eclipse Recording Company!

Update: They were pleased with their Mastered Tracks done by Eclipse, They posted a blog on Myspace saying, ” We would like to thank Jim Stafford at Eclipse Recording Studio in St. Augustine, Fla. Jim mastered the 5 songs that we recorded with Worth Weaver, and man does it sound good. Jim is a great guy who has shared his personal insights with us and has been a really awesome guy to work with. We are much appreciative! Check them out if you have anything you need mastered or if you happen to be in Florida and are in need of a great recording!”

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