Friday, October 23, 2009

A Friday with Gerald Eubanks and Rege Lark!

We had Gerald Eubanks in the studio today working on his new album with Eclipse. He is an actor/Singer who has performed in many plays including: The Founding of St. Augustine, Passion andDriving Ms. Daisy.

Gerald EubanksHe is a master of all trades, he is the Intern Supervisor in the Education Department at Flagler College. Gerald is also a Stage, Screen, Print and Voiceover artist.

We had Rege Lark (pictured below) in the studio working on his new album called, “Rege Lark Limited Edition.” He has been recording at Eclipse for 5 years.

Rege Lark at Eclipse Recording Company

For more information on this artist check out his website below:

Check out the Eclipse Recording Website:

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