Monday, October 12, 2009

"So Easy A Caveman Can Do It!"

We had Dave Besley in the studio working on “See Ya’ Later, So Long.”

Dave Besley and Gove ScrivenorDave Besley and Gove Scrivenor (pictured above) switched places with Jim Stafford (Engineer) so that Jim could add piano parts to the song.

Jim Stafford of Eclipse Recording Company, on pianoDave says, “It’s becoming a tradition for Jim to put little piano parts on all of my solo CD projects, so easy a caveman can do it!”

Dan Bagan Shooting Video at Eclipse Recording CompanyDan Bagan is shooting a video of Besley’s project. Dan says, “It’s great fun working with these guys, it’s going to be an excellent video!”

Dan Bagan loading up at Eclipse Recording CompanyDan Bagan is founder of YiTrinity, for more information on this you can click the link below:

Lynette Wadsworth at Eclipse Recording Company

Lynnette Wadsworth was also in the studio, recording some music for Dressage horse routines. She was recently featured in a Flagler publication following her win in Virginia.

Find out more about Eclipse Recording Company by clicking the link below:

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