Thursday, October 8, 2009

Eli Grimes and "Pretty Little Old St. Augustine!"

Eli Grimes has been working closely with Jim Stafford of Eclipse to finish his new song called, “Pretty Little Old St. Augustine!”

David Eli Grimes at Eclipse Recording Company!

Eli’s song was debuted today at a luncheon at Carrabba’s. ”There were about 75 to 100 people including Mayor Boles of St. Augustine. They loved it!” Said Eli Grimes.

Mayor Joe Boles Jr. had a business luncheon with The New Start Group which helps with jobs and food for the inner cities

Click the link below to listen to David Eli Grimes:

I (Harmony) just had to take a picture of everyone looking over Krysta’s shoulder, “admiring her creativity!”

Ron Dore, Rick Ambrose, Jim Stafford and Krysta Brown

For more information on Eclipse Recording Company visit the website below:

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