Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Congratulations to David Pooler on his CD release!

David Pooler has released his new CD called, Seeking Asylum

David Poolers CD; Seeking AsylumThe plaque presented to David Pooler reads:

“Disc Makers and Eclipse Recording Company Congratulate David Pooler on the release of Seeking Asylum.”

For more information on David Pooler, click the link below:

Bernie "Son" Powers and Rob Piazza at Eclipse Recording Company!(left to right) Rob Piazza and Bernie “Son” Powers were adding “Patch Tracks” to their new CD called Install Me!

(below) Bernie created a sculpture and brought it in to use as his CD cover.

Art by Bernie "Son" Powers at Eclipse Recording CompanyHe is inspired by psychedelic art and artists such as Rick Griffin, who designed Grateful Dead CD covers. Bernie also collects posters from the 60’s.

You can expect their new CD on CD Baby by Thanksgiving!

The Ancient City Slickers recorded a new song at Eclipse called, In a Christmas Dream: In Old St. Augustine. This song was lyrically adapted for this years Christmas in St. Augustine CD.

Kayla Douglas, Chuck Kranz, Cable Spence, Russ Thomas, Lynn KaatzThe Ancient City Slickers are:

Kayla Douglas, Chuck Kranz, Cable Spence, Russ Thomas, Lynn Kaatz

Their instruments consist of: banjos, kazoos, tuba, maracas, a washtub bass, guitar and a washboard!

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