Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Willie Green CD Release/75th Birthday Party and Airborne Photos!

Willie Green’s CD release/75th Birthday party was held at Cafe Eleven last Saturday.

Willie GreenThis CD is called “Willie Green Blues Project,” is the third CD from this legendary blues man. It is his best yet!

Willie Green at Cafe 11The whole group! (pictured above at Cafe 11 in St. Augustine Beach, left to right) Brad Cooper, Mike Hart, Rick Ambrose, Willie Green, Doc and Chris Woods.

Cafe 11Mike Hart (above) playing his Vintage Gibson ES335
Willie Green was also a featured guest with Jim Stafford (Chief Conspirator of Eclipse Recording) on Airborne with Matt Jeffs Live show with Special Guest Host Roger Ramsey.

Willie Green on Airborne with Matt Jeffs live show

You can WATCH the interview at the link below:


Check out the Wille Green Blues Website (managed by Eclipse Recording Company)


Jim was very pleased to be able to work with and Master 5 songs by Damona Waits from Wilmington, North Carolina.

What makes this special to Jim is the fact that Damona Waits features the son of one of Jim’s long-time friends and playing partner from the legendary Kill Devil Band from Washington D.C.

Damona Waits, Mastering done by Eclipse Recording CompanyThis Bands musical style is a progressive/Rock/Alternative, but don’t take our word for it!

Damona Waits, Mastering done by Eclipse Recording CompanyCheck out the Damona Waits Website, where you can listen to their music and see their upcoming shows:


If you are interested in Digital Mastering by Eclipse Recording Company, Click the link below:


Call 904-794-1872!

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